Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Round Up

Since I have not written a word this weekend, I thought I would do a quick Sunday round up to catch ya all up.

On Friday, we ran some errands and went to visit cousin Michael again to drop off some books he might have wanted. Had a wonderful visit and chat. We then went to Wendy’s for a quick snack, because I was starving! Friday night we went out to dinner with Becky and Mark, had a fabulous time! The food was wonderful and the company even better.

Saturday, I cleaned out a bunch of boxes of books and cookbooks. Packed a bunch of Doug’s shot glasses, he has so many of them and they have to each be wrapped in newspaper. I still have more of those to do sometime this week. I have some more boxes of books to get to, basically I have them boxed in Avon boxes, and I am moving them into banana boxes because I can put more into the banana boxes. I did not realize that I had so many books!

Sunday (today), we had to run a couple of errands and go to Meijer. It was not busy and I looked at the dishes there, but did not really see anything that I fell in love with. So, still looking. Still looking for a table and chairs too, going to look on Ebay soon I think.

Hope ya all had a great weekend!! Ciao!


  1. check ikea- we got some great stuff from there and it was not at all expensive- if you drive down there just bring a truck, you'll need it :D



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