Monday, August 30, 2010

Pictures and Entry

Just as I promised I have finally uploaded the pictures of the new apartment. It would have been as soon as I took them, but I forgot my stinking USB cord that day. So, here they are. Now keep in mind that these are pre move in pictures.

I have never moved from a house into an apartment before. I now have a greater appreciation for all of those people who lost their houses and had to move into an apartment. We have so much overstock on staple items because here at the house, we had the basement with shelves to store it. So when things like ketchup, BBQ sauce, etc... went on sale we would stock up. Sheesh. I had to turn the linen closet into a pantry because we had so much overstock.

This is very hard to go from big to smaller. It will take a while but we will get everything sorted out. Dinky (our cat) will love this place once she gets used to it. She loves to sun herself and since we are on the eighth floor, we have no shade. So, she will be in kitty heaven. Also she will have so many things to lay on!

It is a very nice place. Once we get stuff moved in, I will take after photos so you can see. I have to run now. Ciao!


  1. Me no like apartments...people all around making doggie is to nosey to go potty on a leash in the walk area and he barks at every little thing he hears from inside the apartment...I hope it works out better for you...

  2. so first off love the new background! good luck on moving all your stuff and getting settled in. i hope you like it there, its a change but you'll get use to it!hugs

  3. Tawnya your new apartment is beautiful! Look how clean and spacious every room is and the appliances and counters all match so nicely. There are definitely advantages to apartment living!
    Lisa in Kentucky


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