Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Been Awhile

Hey all, yeah it has been a while I know!! Lots going on some I can talk about finally other stuff, not so much yet. First of all, I have moved schools again. Yeah, Kaplan really messed up my financial aid really bad! I am still dealing with them on that. I have moved to Ashford University now. I started classes on last Monday and so far I like it a lot! So only time will tell there. 

Thanksgiving was pretty quiet around here. Which is what I like. Doug did really good on the dinner. It turned out great!! We are now trying to get ready for Christmas as it is soon! I think that is about it for  now... Ciao!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Hi everyone! It is time for Wednesday Wishes again. I know it has been a while since I have done this, so as usual, if you want to play along you can in the comments or in an entry of your own!

  1. I wish that I did not have to go to the FOC today, but seeing as how my child support might be lowered, it is worth it.
  2. I wish all my veteran friends out there, especially those who are serving right now and are not home a very happy Veteran’s day and I am thinking of you all!! Thank you for your selfless service!
  3. I wish that we could all be home safe and with our families this Thanksgiving.
  4. I wish Doug a very happy birthday ( it is tomorrow)
  5. I wish my friends a very happy rest of the week!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tomorrow’s Festivities & Other Things

Tomorrow morning I get to go back to the Friend of the Court ( child support place) because the State of Florida finally came to their senses and asked for a modification in child support. I am not sure how modified it will become, but I know it will be headed down hopefully. Now, I have said in the past that I do not going to this place because it is stressful. It is.

Even knowing that I am going for what I am going for, I am a bit stressed out. Not like the people have been mean to me or anything, quite the opposite in fact. Everyone is nice and wants to help. I think that is kind of stressful as well because I have never dealt with nice child support people ever.

Thanksgiving is coming up quite fast. I was hoping that Doug’s cousin would come up and spend some time with us, he can’t eat with us because he is Kosher and we are not. It turns out that he will not be in town, so it will be Doug and I for our first Thanksgiving alone. It seems kind of strange though. Nice but strange.

Since it is just us, we have to adjust the amount of food to buy. Which actually has been a challenge for him. Since we have less space to keep stuff and all, it has been challenging to break some of the habits. We are both working on it though.

I have found a couple of new recipes that I am going to try soon and I will post them on my food blog afterwards. I think it is in the left hand margin if you want to check those out. One is an apple dessert and the other is spaghetti and meatballs. I have never been able to make meatballs because they fall apart during cooking. I am hoping that this recipe works out. We will see.

Today as usual, we are going to see Trina for dinner. I am looking forward to that! I think that is it, ciao!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Well, I would have wrote this entry earlier, but Doug came home from work early this morning and that threw everything out of whack. So, I did not get all my ‘morning stuff’ done this morning.

I am hoping that he stays at work tonight. I am catching up on all my DVR’d shows from last week today. It is the beginning of another week of shows, so I need to watch them so I am not so far behind.

I am fine, just tired. The time change has messed with me bad. Well, I am off to watch TV. Ciao!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Rambling Entry…

You know how when you are trying to get away from a bad date or a bad relationship and you say, ‘it’s not you, it’s me’? I wonder if those people that we are trying to get away from understand that what you meant was ‘it’s not me, it’s YOU’? Just a thought.

Lately I have been rather introspective with myself as I watch Netflix on the Wii. Mostly thinking about the things that I can change and wonder if I should or not. Sometimes letting sleeping dogs lie is a good thing.

Living where I live now is not horrible. Not as bad as I thought it might be actually. See, I am a country kind of girl, I like to have space. I am not good with people on top of me, which is what I have now. But it is quiet and I don’t hardly see anyone, so I am okay with that.

They are calling for freezing rain here in Michigan tonight. Possibly some kind of snow for the weekend. It will be interesting to live on the 8th floor of an apartment building and see snow I think. I have not been to bed yet as I have had a horrendous case of heart burn today. I am headed that way soon though.

Just updating some music on the MP3 player and getting rid of double songs. I think that I am going to look for the next size up MP3 player soon. I have a 16GB but it is almost totally full. So I am going to look for a 32GB one. When I started with the MP3 players I never thought that I would be needing one that size! I started out with an 8GB one. I am finding that there is so much music out there that I love and my favorite artists are putting out more and more, I want all my favorites.

I am headed to bed. Ciao!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Next Week….

I will get back to Wednesday Wishes and Thankful Thursdays next week. Today was just a normal kind of day for me. I have been watching ‘Silk Stalkings’ on the Wii lately and I am into the 3rd season. I think that there is only 4 seasons. So, I am close to being done with that. I have to admit that this Netflix on the Wii thing is a life saver when there is nothing good on.

My poor cat, Dinky, was out of cat treats. Has been for a couple of days now. There were some larger crumbs of past treats left on her cat house. She was eating the larger crumbs this morning of the remaining cat treats. I was like, we need to get you some more cat treats! Poor kitty was eating crumbs. LOL. Luckily Doug brought home kitty treats this morning for her. So, I gave her some whole kitty treats and she is a happy girl now.

On a related note, we gave her some cat nip and now she is acting all crazy. Now she is acting all crack addict on me. Meowing and looking at the cat nip. LOL. Sheesh. I have a cat nip addict on my hands now. I am outta here. Ciao!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting Back To Normal

Well, somewhat anyway. As most of you know I rarely ever post anything political on my blog. There is a reason why. My politics are mine alone. I will not subject my readers to how I feel or what I think because I know that not everyone has the same rules that they live their life by. So, why am I going to put it here and start a fight about it? It seems stupid to me. Unless something so amazingly pathetic happens in politics in Detroit. That is the only time I will say anything. Although I should by all rights be saying something almost every day, but I digress…

I have not really had much to say lately and I am dealing with some stuff with school. When I get it all worked out one way or another, I will post the story. I am leaning towards Plan B right now though. I am not meaning to be cryptic, but for now it is best this way.

I have had the windows open lately here in Michigan. Yeah it gets down into the 30s some days but living up on the 8th floor it is warmer here. I have been reluctant to close the windows because for like 3-4 years I have lived in the basement where you can not open windows and I have missed that so much. So, I am honestly not going to close these windows until I am half freezing. I know it seems like it might be a bit drastic, but I am loving the cool fresh air.

Because of election coverage, I am thinking that I might turn the Wii back on and watch some Netflix. I am still loving that. Well, I am outta here for now! Ciao!