Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday, Not Funday

Gosh, remember that song, Manic Monday by the Bangles?!?! I sure do and when it came out, I think that I was in middle school or almost in middle school. I did not really have an appreciation for that song until I was an adult and could understand what they were talking about!

I am taking a blog break from writing a paper on child and adolescent psychology. Not really a difficult or long paper, but I do have a headache coming on. Ugh. I already took some ibuprofen to head it off so it does not get to be a migraine. Those so suck and I know that I am due for a doozy soon, hopefully this is not it.

Wow, August already!!! Seems like it was just May. My kids go back to school on August 9th. They are so not looking forward to that. I have connected with my daughter on Face book, which is cool. It is nice to be able to talk more frequently now. I need to find out what my son wants for his birthday, which is coming up soon!

I got a coupon for a free smoothie or frappe from Micky D’s. So, this morning I am trying the mixed berry smoothie. I am hoping that I like it, I can not justify spending $2.29 for a small one. I actually have two coupons, so maybe I will try the strawberry banana too. They do have really great sweet tea though and it is only $1 for a large all the time. I live on that stuff!! LOL. Okay, not really.

Well, I am thinking that blog break is over and time to finish this stinkin’ paper! Ciao!


  1. Yeah, my daughter is back to school next week too! What happened to the summer? It just flew by... good luck with your paper. And your migraine! Hopefully you stopped it. I seriously never want one again :)

  2. happy bday to your son, um hope you get your paper done....... i wanna try mc donalds smoothie also! i dont like their sweet tea very much although it could be i like a lemoney tea more so. have a good week


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