Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hair Cut and Cat Pictures, Plus Other Stuff

Yesterday we left the house for a while to run a few errands. Actually had plans to see a couple of movies but we were both tired in the end and did not get there. We both did get haircuts yesterday though. Great Clips was and still is until today running a special for hair cuts of $6.99. Since Doug’s boss had said something about his hair he needed to get a hair cut. I after much debate got one too. Now, honestly I needed one bad. There was some stuff going on with my hair that I was ignoring and it was only getting worse. So I finally decided that I needed to get it fixed.

The lady who cut my  hair was great and totally cool. She was so patient with me. My hair is so thick and when it has not been cut in a long time it gets kind of messy! So, here is the new hair style.. What do you think?


Dinky was ready for her close up this morning too!She always poses when I have my camera in my hand. Although most of the time it is not to actually take a picture. LOL. This morning she meowed at me to get me to take her picture because I took my own. So, here is the new picture of her….


Is she not cute? I love my new hair style although Doug is having to get used to it! I am too as well. So much hair is gone now. It is like 15 pounds lighter! So, that was our weekend, how was yours? Ciao!


  1. the bob suits you! love it!


  2. I like the haircut and I am so jealous of your thick hair.. mine is baby fine and flat.


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