Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feels Like A Lifetime and Wednesday Wishes

It has only been a week since the funeral of Doug’s dad and to me it feels like a lifetime ago. I have no doubt that I have lived a lifetime in the last week. In fact, I am still recovering really.

It has been rough and I am glad that things are starting to get back to normal. Or at least what passes for normal these days. It is strange to be in this house alone at night while Doug is at work. I am used to the noises that his dad makes like dropping things and moving his foot stool. No sound at all now. Almost eerie.

Since this is Wednesday, I will do a Wednesday Wishes in this entry to as a way to try to get back to normal. You can play along in the comments or in a post of your own, just leave me a link to the post and I will visit. So, here we go…

  1. I wish that Doug’s dad had not died, but since I am not God, I can not change that.
  2. I wish that The Sister would be more human, but again I can not control her either.
  3. I wish that this all helps in some way for people to live their lives to the fullest.
  4. I wish that I could feel better about all of this.
  5. I wish that this all helps Doug and I have a better relationship with his Aunt and Uncle.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

After the Funeral

I was talking to a friend who had been through the funeral thing before and she told me that there is a time after the funeral when everyone quits calling and all. Something like funeral let down. I know that Doug is going through it now. He checks the phone every time we come home and usually no one has called.

I think that he is having a difficult time with this part now. He will never admit it, but everyone is gone and it is just him and I to clean up. I feel bad for him. After having that conversation with my friend, I told him about it to try and get him ready for this.

I really do not think that he understood. I had been through one funeral aside from this but I was like 15. So, I really do not remember this part. So much activity to do in the days after a death, then nothing. I now understand what my friend meant when she said that she was not done. I do not think that Doug is done either.

It is hard for me too. His dad was good to me and we got a long well. He has been here since I moved here. It is strange living in this house and he is not here. I am having a hard time dealing with his death.

Friday, June 25, 2010

And So It Begins

The funeral and Shiva have ended. Now begins the hardest of the hard part. To clean up. To go through all of his stuff and decide what to donate and to throw away. That is our next job. I say our because I will not let Doug do it himself. That would be incredibly wrong.

All of the after funeral stuff is going on and as usual there is someone who is all obsessed with themselves. Not even thinking about those other people who are and may be mourning too. This kind of attitude will only lead to this person being alone in life.

I am already furious about the behavior exhibited this last week during most of the things going on. I am also not really pleased with the two face stuff going on right now with other things that concern money.

It is sad to me that people think that money is the end all be all of everything. It is not. If this last week has taught me anything it is that. Family is important and when you treat family like this person has, well it is safe to say that eventually you will not have any family left to lean on when you need them.

I am still very much missing Doug’s dad. I may have complained about him, but in the end he was generous to me. It still is strange to be in this house and it be so quiet upstairs where he lived. Almost eerie quiet. RIP Dave, I will miss  you a lot. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I know that I normally do Wednesday Wishes and Thankful Thursday, but this week I will not be doing them. Today is the last day of Shiva and I am dealing with lots of funeral related things, things related to his dad’s death, and some other stuff too.

I am trying to keep it together as much as possible, sometimes I just feel like I am going to explode! I just feel like I should bury myself someplace because of some of the stuff that is happening right now.

I am so fed up with a family member that I could scream, but it would not help the fact that she is self centered. Stress has become my best friend again, just when I was really getting to the point of being almost stress free. That seems like a life time ago though.

So many people have been so great to me personally and I just do not have the words to express how appreciative that I am. ( Yeah, I know me with out words, kinda ironic huh?) I feel so lost these days and so disconnected from everything.

I am hurting over Doug’s dad and my own dad at the same time. Grief is so solitary and when you have so many people around all the time it feels as if I am intruding on them with my sadness. I don’t know. I am having a difficult time dealing. You would not know it to look at me though, which is kind of the way I like it. My thoughts are my own until I share them with someone. When I share those thoughts, I am trusting that person to understand that there is a trust in my sharing because I am not easily trusting. Of anyone.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers for us.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Funeral Today

First of all, I would like to thank all of  you who have taken the time to leave comments on my blog  on Face book and those who have emailed me about Doug’s dad. We both really appreciate all of your kind words and prayers for us. It really humbles me to know that you all care.

Today is Doug’s dad’s funeral. So many people are coming from all over to be here today and there are a couple of people who can not make it but have called us and told us how much his dad has touched their lives. Doug and his sister have heard stories about how their dad helped so many people through out his life. Things that they had no idea that had happened.

His dad was truly loved and a great man. I had the honor of knowing him for almost five years and he was very generous with me. He let me move here with out knowing who I was. Never complained about the rent thing. On my birthday took me to dinner where ever I wanted to go and then would give me cards with money in it on top of dinner.

His dad had his issues too, but he helped so many people in and outside of the family it is amazing. He always gave to charities when he could and he gave his time to help people get to work or out to shop every week as long as I have known him.

Because for a lot of his life he was Jewish, they are having a primarily Jewish funeral but will be talking about his Christianity as well. We also have to sit Shiva. Which is for three days and the mourners come to a house and say prayers for the deceased and pay their respects. Because Doug and I are together, I am included in this process. During this time I will meet most of his dad’s side of the family.

So, today will be a very long day for us. Then after the funeral we are starting to clean up the house. We are moving back upstairs which will be a job in itself really.

On top of all that has happened this past weekend, last Friday when the storms came through we lost the majority of the power. We had enough to run a few lights and barely my lap top. We just got full power back yesterday, late afternoon. So on top of his dad and all that, we had the stress of no power. It has been difficult to say the very least, but we made it through. Although there are more storms in the area now.

I am going to go, I wanted to thank all of you and let you know what was happening. I do not think I will have time until possibly Friday to blog, but we will see.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Update on Doug’s Dad

Doug’s dad had a brain hemorrhage yesterday morning. He was rushed to the hospital at 9am or so. He died a little bit after 3am today. Thank you to all who left comments here and on face book. I will be away I think for a couple of days.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


This morning, Doug’s dad apparently had a stroke. We are not sure exactly when it happened but Doug found him this morning after 9am. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Doug is there now with The Sister at the hospital. I am not sure if I will be able to blog until this is over or not. It depends on what happens. Please keep him in your prayers. Thanks.

Power & God

So last night as we were getting ready to dash out in the horrible weather, the power kind of went off. I know, it can not KIND OF go off, either it did or it did not. It flickered, but then we had brown out conditions. Two lights were working down here where we were. Basically there was not much power to run anything in the house.

We went to dinner and hoped it would be on when we got home. I had to get a get well card for Mom#2 and so we had to go to Walgreen's therefore extending our time away from home a bit.

On the way to dinner, there was a light out and there were police directing traffic, but they had no reflective vests or lights on. It was difficult at best to see them! God must have been looking out for them because on our way back that way, they both we okay and had the safety gear on with the lights on the car going as well.

On the way to Walgreen’s there were more traffic lights out and more police directing traffic, but they were all decked out in the safety gear so you could see them, although not too well either.

Got home and the power had not been totally restored, so we waited a bit then went to bed. Of course, this would have to be the morning that I can not sleep in. I was up at like 4:30am still not much power, but enough to run the lamp in the computer room, so I grabbed the book I had been reading and sat in here and read until about 6am.

At 6am his dad tried his TV and I heard it on, so I went to get my lap top to plug in. My battery is dead totally, so I had to plug it in to use it. I am grateful for my time this morning with my book. I had some quiet time that I needed, to think and pray. To just be still and read a little bit. It was nice because sometimes it is hard to get that kind of time. So, now as you can see my computer is working and I am online. Maybe just a few more minutes of reading after this though. Ciao!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Today is kind of a blah day for me. I am kind of tired and I have a seminar tonight. I think that it is my last one for this class. So, I am happy about that!

I am so cold! The A/C is on because it is supposed to be close to 90 this weekend and so now it is about 53 in the basement. LOL.

Tonight is dinner out after my seminar and I am looking forward to seeing Trina. I think that this is it for now. Maybe another entry later. Ciao!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Award

z-beautiful-blogger-1 Wow! Talk about a surprise! I got a blogging award today. I am going to try and pass it on. Thanks so much for this! So, here are the rules:

1. Thank My Momma Drama. (Check!)
2. Tell you seven things about myself you may not already know.
3. Pay it forward by nominating 5 fabulous bloggers I’ve recently discovered.

Okay, so the seven things you may not know about me…

  1. I am a bookaholic.
  2. I love to eat kid food ( i.e. peanut butter and jelly)
  3. I have several journals all over the place
  4. I do not like gourmet food ( shocking, I know!)
  5. I am allergic to onions
  6. I am a pizza lover
  7. I love to watch the History Channel

Okay, so now I am passing this on to 5 more people. So let me see….

My Comfy Escape

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Trying to Survive

Thankful Thursday

Hi there! Welcome to another edition of Thankful Thursday! As always feel free to play along in the comments or in your own post. Okay, so here we go….

  1. I am thankful for all the great teachers that inspired me through out school even today. In a time where education seems to be not important to many people I am thankful that I can read and write.
  2. I am thankful for my cat, Dinky. Sometimes I may complain about her, but she loves me and keeps me going sometimes when there is not much to keep me going.
  3. I am thankful for my adopted soldier Ed. Without him doing what he does, I would not be free to do what I want and what I do. Actually, this is to all the soldiers out there.
  4. I am thankful that I am healthy enough to continue to enjoy what I like to do.
  5. I am thankful for my life. At times it was rough and violent, but I would not change anything ( okay I would change a couple of things) because it has made me who I am today.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Hi there! Welcome to another edition of Wednesday Wishes, I am so happy that you are here! As always you are invited to play along in the comments or in a post of your own. Let’s get started:

  1. I wish that I had a tech support and Microsoft Word and Excel person on call 24 hours a day that is not me.
  2. I wish that well meaning people would stop telling Doug what he can and can not eat ( Not you Trina!) with his diabetes because they had a brothers-uncle-cousin-best friend-aunt-sister who had it like 30 years ago. He knows what he can and can not have and doesn’t need these annoying but well meaning people hanging over his shoulder as he eats telling him these things.
  3. I wish that Doug’s dad would wear a belt instead of saying he doesn’t need one when clearly he DOES.
  4. I wish that Mom#2 would be healthy again and out of the hospital.
  5. I wish that I could disappear for this Father’s Day brunch, with said non belt wearing person because he doesn’t care that his pants fall down around his ankles in public.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aggravation For Tuesday

Technically, this aggravation started on Monday, but has carried over into Tuesday. I am on Shefari, but I had to create another profile and try to recreate my shelf because some how my account was deleted. I am not saying anyone but me did it, but sheesh it is frustrating! So, I have now signed up again and I am  now trying to recreate my shelf with all my books that I had there. It is a lot of work because I think that I had like over 300 books.

I am sort of glad that I am a bit OCD when it comes to my books and I am also on too. That saved my life. I also a while back made a list of all the books that I had here in the basement, so between the two, I think I will be okay. Of course this is not including the cook books or the books upstairs, which I need to go up there and make a list of them, so I will have a complete list and can actually know what books I need to finish off a series.

Doug went to the doctor today and as I thought he was not telling me the whole story, but I will find it out. They upped  his insulin dosage and actually told him exactly when to take his shot. I guess that when they were explaining it to him in the beginning they were vague. Since I was not there for that, I have to go with that.

Today was a pretty good day except for the slight headache I have now. Doug had to go in at midnight, so I have a while to get what I need to get finished done. Mostly just junk on the computer. Well, I think that I will go for now. Ciao!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday’s Mumblings

Today is starting out so much better than yesterday. My soldier Ed sent me his address so I can start sending his mail to Afghanistan. We chatted for a few and since the internet is rather spotty at times he had to go. I am happy to hear from him!

I wrote him a letter and have it ready to be sent out today! I am very proactive about this kind of stuff. School is going well. I have two more weeks of class then a week off. I have a 98% in my science class right now, so honestly I am thrilled about that!

Still getting used to the new routine around here with the blood testing and insulin shots. He is doing well with it so far. This morning he was not wanting to go to work, but I made him. Mainly because he needs to get into a routine with work and all the other stuff so that it all becomes habit.

Since he found his insulin and syringes pretty cheap at Wal-Mart, it is not going to really be too bad money wise. I know he was worried about that. He has a doctor appointment today at 2:30pm and will not let me go. I know why he won’t because he wants to tell me what he wants me to hear and not what they say.

That kind of pisses me off a bit,  but I will find out eventually anyway. I always do. Well, I think that this is all for now. Ciao!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Part 2

I have been dealing with something that I was not sure if I wanted to write about, but thinking about it I decided that I would, but not use names. Not that I am protecting myself or anyone, people who read my blog and know me from Florida will know what I am talking about and that is good enough.

Mom #2 has been in the hospital and I recently found this out. Mainly because I never hardly ever check my AOL mail. I came across a couple of emails from ‘girl who is like my sister’ about her mom. I emailed her and told her that I just checked my AOL email and found her emails and to email me at my email that I check everyday.

It seems that Mom #2 is doing better now. Which is good, I have been really praying and trying to figure out how to get myself to Florida. I miss Mom#2, dad, and ‘girl who is like my sister’ so much. I always felt I should have been in that family than the one I got.

It was very touch and go with Mom #2 for a while as she was in ICU and on a ventilator. Which scared me. I think that all of this happened about the time that Doug went into the hospital as well, so I have been really stressed over this.

Mom#2 has always been there for me when I needed her and she never once told me ‘I told you so’ unlike someone else. Well, I think that this is about it. Ciao!

Sunday, Sort Of

While technically it is Sunday, but I am thinking that I might use this as my continuation Saturday entry. Earlier, I was not feeling well and I am still not, but I can put a few words together to create some sentences now.

Well, most of the time I can make coherent sentences anyway. Other times, not so much. I watched the new Lewis Black comedy special on Comedy Central. Now a couple of things about this. 1. It was filmed in Detroit. 2. We had tickets to go and did not go. I am now really upset about that. I was upset about that at the time too, but can’t do anything about it now.

I love Lewis Black, he is very funny and so not politically correct. Which to be honest, I am so sick of. I am tired of being nice to people that I do not like. Please make it stop. I want to be able to say to said people that I do not like, that I do not like them.

I have a small headache and I bailed on making dinner tonight. I was supposed to make BBQ pork along with the BBQ sauce. Yeah, was not in the mood to do either. The pork is made, I will finish it tomorrow ( or tonight for dinner actually). I am a BBQ sauce snob so I make my own for some things. This is one of them.

Well, I am going to go. Ciao!


Saturday, June 12, 2010


I am feeling very meh today. Nothing sounds really good and I am not in the mood to do anything at all it seems. Doug has turned the A/C on again because it is kind of warm, so of course I am freezing my butt of now. Ugh.

I think this will be short, if my mood changes I might do another entry later or something.

Friday, June 11, 2010


This week as been tough to put it mildly and yesterday I lost track of days again. I forgot it was Thursday and so I was really surprised when the guy from school called me. Mind  you he calls me every Thursday. Yeah. It was like that. Ugh.

Today I have a bit of a headache and I am annoyed. Okay, so I was annoyed even before I got out of bed today, because Doug in his wisdom thought it might be a good idea to wake me up to tell me that he brought me a tea.

Um, yeah I was totally and blissfully asleep because I have been missing sleep while he was sick. Catching up finally or so I thought. I hate it when he does that and yeah we have talked about it.

So, since he woke me up I got up. He came back down stairs and I swear to God said, ‘ Oh you are up!’ Um, yeah cause you woke me up. Duh.

So then we were talking about his syringes because he now has to take insulin for his diabetes and I thought that maybe just tossing them into the garbage was not a good idea, so I was like maybe you need to ask someone what to do with these. I think he did because the syringes are gone from the trash.

I will have to ask him when he gets back. Well, think that this is it for now. Ciao!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

100th Post and Thankful Thursday

Okay technically, it is 101st post, but I do not care! So, here I am a1821-celebrationt my 100th post and I am rather amazed that I got here so quickly. I am happy that I have readers in the double digits, I never thought I had anything that anyone would want to read. This is just my life, although sometimes it is hard to believe! I appreciate that you all take the time to read what I have to say. Thank you so much.

Okay on to Thankful Thursdays, as you all know I started this because I need to be more positive in my life. So here we go. As always please play along in the comments or in your own post.

  1. I am thankful that Doug is okay and he now understands that diabetes is nothing to play with.
  2. I am thankful for all my readers, you guys ROCK!
  3. I am thankful that I am stronger mentally and emotionally than I look
  4. I am thankful for my friends on line and off.
  5. I am thankful that I can write this blog. Cause I would have gone crazy by now! (Okay, so I might already have moved to crazy town, but shhhh.)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Hi there and welcome to another edition of Wednesday Wishes. I know normally I do this earlier, but my week has been rough so far with Doug in the hospital and all. Better late than never!

  1. I wish that Doug would have taken better care of his diabetes before now.
  2. I wish that stupid people would just go away
  3. I wish that Justified on F/X was not over
  4. I wish that my week of no school was already here.
  5. I wish that there were better shows on in the afternoon.

Doug is Home

Doug came home yesterday late afternoon. He is now borderline Type 1 diabetic, which means that he is on injectable insulin instead of the pills. When he went to the hospital his blood sugar was in the 400’s. Which is very high.

They sent him home with so much information, I am reading through it still. He told me that he did not want me to change my eating habits, but I told him that I did not want him to feel like he could not have something and feel bad because I could. That would lead to him eat things that he isn’t supposed to eat.

Changing my eating habits is not a bad thing for me either.
I am reading the info on what he can eat and the proportions. There is a lot of stuff to take in. He is feeling 100% better and looks a lot better too. Thank you to all that left comments and emailed me. It means a lot to me and to Doug. Ciao!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

AOL Journals and Stuff

I am not sure if all my readers are or were familiar with AOL Journals way back when. I am  not sure why I was thinking of them tonight or what even led me to think about them. I kind of miss them. I think that the reason I miss them is that they were simple. We had such a great community and so many great people.

I feel like we are now strung out across the blogosphere. Some of us came to Blogger, some went to Word Press or Live Journal. Some of us even quit journaling all together.
Granted that the AOL journals were really simple and you could not add a lot of things that we can now, but in a way I think that was better. Mainly because we did not worry about how many cool gadgets were on our blogs, we concentrated on content. I am not saying that we don’t concentrate on content now, but it seems that I have come across so many blinged out blogs, kind of makes me yern for the simple days.

I loved the mood indicators and the watching/ listening to areas. I liked having the heads up when someone was pissed or happy. I found a lot of great people with my little AOL journal and I have met some other great people since I moved to Blogger too. I just sometimes miss AOL journals.

I am so tired these days. I was up with Doug when he was sick, now I am up because the cat is driving me crazy because she misses Doug. It has been a rough weekend and a rough start to the week. I am hoping that it gets better! Thank you for all the people on Face book who have asked about Doug and those who have left comments on my blog as well. Ciao!
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Blogger & Doug

Okay, for those of you that don’t use Blogger to host your blogs you may not have known that I had been out for a long time! Which means no posts and no comments, so if you have tried and failed I am sorry.
It has been a crazy couple of days here. Let me start from the beginning as much as I can. Some of you know that last Thursday Doug was ill. He was sick all weekend and finally went to the hospital yesterday about 5pm. They kept him overnight because he had complications with his diabetes. Mainly acid was building up in his blood. It was a mild case, Thank God.
He was supposed to be home today, but they are keeping him another night to get his blood sugar regulated and hopefully get him on some medication schedule and a diet. Hopefully he will be home tomorrow around lunch time. This has been the major fight that we have had in almost 5 years together because he was not taking care of it.
I was there when the doctors came in and talked to him, which kinda made him mad because I heard everything. I think that the one lady doctor scared him pretty good about what could happen and that this incident was a wake up call. I will know more tomorrow and I will keep you all updated.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy ( A Meme)

Okay, I was tagged by Gadgerson over at My Comfy Escape, so go over there and check out her answers and where she got this. Technically, I was tagged sometime yesterday, but hey better late than never, right?!?! So here we go, ten things that make me happy in no exact order:

  1. A comfy place to read, be online, etc…
  2. A great pizza
  3. Having good blog friends who tag me with memes
  4. A great book
  5. A glass of cold sweet tea
  6. Really great hot wings
  7. A brisk fall day
  8. Writing letters to my adopted soldier
  9. Talking to my friends
  10. Talking with my kids.

Okay, so now I am supposed to tag people to do this. But I am being lazy today, if you want to do this please go ahead, just leave your link so I can see your answers!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

An Icky Friday

First off, I want to congratulate my friend MaryMac over at Pajamas and Coffee for a great appearance on the Today show! She was awesome! If you go to her blog, she has her segment up and you can watch it.

Doug got sick yesterday afternoon and has been vomiting ever since. He can not keep anything down, even water. So, having been up all night with him, I am exhausted. He is still doing about the same today and I told him that he needed to go see someone because he will become dehydrated.

Normally by now I am asleep, so I really had no idea that there was not crap on TV during the day. I need him to fix the DVD player because I have a couple of Netflix movies to watch, but he is constantly throwing up so not sure that will be happening today or not.

I am really hoping that I do not get whatever it is that he has. Ugh. I think that tonight I will stay in my in my love seat. I would get more sleep that way. We will see. Ciao!Kiss

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Hi and welcome to another Thankful Thursday post! I started doing these because I really needed to be more positive in my life. I hope that you will join in by either leaving your Thankful Thursday in the comments or by doing a post. Here we go….

  1. I am thankful that I am able to speak my mind to my ex now. I was not able to do this before and I would swallow a lot of junk.
  2. I am thankful that I made it through May and to June.
  3. I am thankful for the amazing people that I have met through this blog as well as my other blog “Insanity”, which is still private and will most likely stay that way.
  4. I am thankful for cooler weather, which means that the A/C has been turned off and it is not 53 degrees in the basement where I live.
  5. I am thankful that I am able to communicate with people in the manner that I choose. Weather it be here or on Face book or by email.
  6. I am thankful for the soldiers who are at this very moment fighting to keep me safe and free, also thankful for those who have died in that pursuit. Especially my adopted soldier Ed. Thank you so very much. Come home safe.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Holy Cow!

Holy cow I can not believe two things, 1.) that I am doing another entry for today and 2.) that it is June already! I am just amazed that we are already into the sixth month of the year. The idea that 2010 is half over is just killing me! Okay, so maybe I am being dramatic here, it is my blog and I can if I want! So pffft!

But the idea that that June snuck up on me and I was not looking or apparently looking at my calendar is just sort of mind blowing to me really. I am in week 7 of 10 in my science class and I can admit this now, I was kind of intimidated when I first started. I had already taken two other science classes and now I needed a third. When I was reading the syllabus, it seemed like it was really a college level science class.

Not that the other two were not, but they were different. I guess because I was comfortable and familiar with the other school by the time I got to the science classes. I got thrown into this science class first thing. Okay maybe not thrown exactly, but most of my classmates have had other classes before this one, so they knew how it worked at Kaplan. I had to figure out how it worked and do science at the same time.

For those of you who are not really familiar with me, I am not really great at math and science. Give me a book to read, something to write, even maybe a speech to give, yeah I am good. Put a math problem or something about science in front of me, I freeze. Yeah, so of course it would make sense that I am working to be a psychologist, right? Um, that is a science, although not an exact one. I think that is why I am drawn to it, there is not an exact answer there. I like that.

So, now I am more than half way done with this science class and I still have an ‘A’. Which amazes even me. My instructor is really great and she is so patient, not that I need it, but with the others. This class has turned out to be easier than I ever thought and I am happy and grateful for that! I don’t think that all the classes will be like that. ( Very much I don’t think that we are in Kansas anymore!) For now though I will do my science class and enjoy it as I have been ( with the exception of the lecture on menopause. Yes. Menopause. I invented a storm so I could leave that because I figure I will know more than enough on that subject soon enough!)

So, now that June is here and has brought his friend summer, I am hoping that it slows down a bit! Not because I like summer, I don’t really. Fall is my season of choice. I hope it slows down because so far 2010 has been a blur in front of my eyes. Here is to a slow peaceful summer. Ciao!kiss

Wednesday’s Wishes

Welcome to another edition of Wednesday’s Wishes! I started this as a way to be and continue to be positive in my life ( Let’s face it, sometimes it is hard to be positive!). I hope that you will play along with me and either leave your wishes in the comments or do a post about them. Okay, so here we go…

  1. I wish that sometimes my cat, Dinky would quit watching my fingers as I type. She watches them like they are a tasty snack that she would love to chow down on.
  2. I wish that I did not feel so behind this week! With the holiday and the fact that I over slept the last two days ( not today though!) I feel like I am very behind.
  3. I wish that my school gave me time off for summer vacation.
  4. I wish that I over slept today.
  5. I wish that it was not 53 degrees here in the basement right now.

This is a two-for-one again. So, I wrote an entry on how I am looking for a table to put next to my side of the love seat so I could free up my TV table to use for school. For now, since the one thing was too wide to sit in the area I needed it in, I decided that when I got up, I would come into the computer room to do my stuff in the morning, as long as I wake up on time. Normally, I am in here about an hour or so until I am awake and in that time I check my email and do school stuff. But the downside is that it is freaking cold in  here too! Even more so because there is no carpet. Ugh. Okay had to go find my fleece pull over because it is that cold here.

I found it at Old Navy online for about $10. When Christmas time comes around I will be getting a few more I think because honestly they are great!! I only got two, I am not exactly sure why. Oh, I got two zip up fleece too, that is why. The ones that look like jackets. LOL.

Our trip with his dad and The Sister has been moved back a week because when he was making plans, he did not realize that his final projects for classes were due. *sigh* I had to point that out. Okay, well I am going to go! Ciao!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Little Bit Off Now

Since yesterday was a holiday, I am now off for the week. Not as in off work, but my time is messed up. I know that it is Tuesday, but it feels like Monday. So, now I am going to be all messed up for the rest of the week. *sigh*

The weather will be wonky this week in Michigan although it is supposed to get cooler, which I am loving! Doug made the temperature in the house warmer than 63, but then I thought about it. His dad might get hot, so I told him to turn the temperature back down so that his dad doesn’t get hot.

Tonight is the night we go to dinner and I am looking forward to that. I love these nights because I get out of the house and someone else cooks. Tomorrow starts my week at school. I am on week 7 out of 10. I am happy about that. Well, I am going to go. Ciao!