Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busy Saturday Ahead

*Cue the Jefferson’s theme music, We’re movin’ on up….* As some of you no doubt already know because we are friends on Face book,  Doug and I got the apartment that we wanted and will be moving as of September 1st. We are both excited and looking forward to it at the same time.

I have already set up the phone/Internet/cable installation time for Sept.1st. I also have already contacted the electric company to change the power over on that date as well. We need to finish packing as well between now and then. We are pretty much close to done because we have been doing it little by little bit.

We have been methodically cleaning out and tossing stuff that we do not need for a while now. We have also donated a ton of stuff as well. As of yesterday morning it was not looking like we were going to be able to get into the place we wanted, so I was gearing up for another round of searching for a place to live. Honestly, it was difficult enough the first place I did not want to have to do it again.

We went to talk to the people at this place and they told him to call them back later yesterday. He wanted to put it off until Monday, but there was no way I was allowing that! I was talking with the cable people for a long time, so long I actually got a headache from it. Ugh. So, now the worrying is over and we can enjoy. Not that I actually enjoy moving. I don’t. I have done it so much in Florida, that honestly if I have to EVER do it again it will be too soon. So, here I am moving again. Hopefully for the last time for a while anyway.

Now, comes the changing of the addresses and phone numbers with everyone. Ugh. Oh well, I am moving ya’all… Yay!! Ciao!


  1. Congratulations on your move!! Hope it all goes smoothly for you!

  2. Good that you have the place that you both want. Strange to think that anyone would turn away a potential tenant... there are so many vacancies.

    You seem to have it all organized and set for a smooth transition. Take care!!


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