Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

HI everyone! Welcome to this week’s edition of Wednesday Wishes! As usual you can play along in the comments or in your own entry. You know what to do if you do your own entry, right?!?

  1. I wish that my summer shows were not ending. Although my fall shows will be back soon and I am thrilled!
  2. I wish this moving thing was over.
  3. I wish that my MP3 player held more music. I know I can buy a new one and I most likely will have to soon, but then I have to add something like 2,069 songs to the new one…
  4. I wish that I could speak Italian. Actually, I am hoping to learn one day
  5. I wish that I could take the pain of losing a pet away from a friend.


  1. Hey, saw you on Midwestern Mammah and wanted to say hi. I just bought an ipod touch so I have 2 ipods and a zune. I like the fall weather, but hate what comes after it.


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