Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Not a Rest Day

As you all know, we are moving soon. Um, 8 days from now actually! OMG! Okay, panic attack over, I think. I got an email from DTE ( Electric company) and the electric is all set to be on when we start moving in. So, I am all set as far as things that need to be turned on and such. I am however still looking for those packing fairies though. Of course, they are no where to be found!!

We are happy about moving but it is also creating stress as well because there is still much to do and it seems as if not enough time. I will be happy when all this is over.

I do have a headache today and I am working at a disadvantage. Ugh. Well I am off to do other things!! Ciao!!


  1. I hated moving, I moved a LOT. I became a real pro at packing and moving. The best ever was having movers. They pack and move, you watch with a drink. It's the best way. Good luck.

  2. Good luck with the move. I have got stuff everywhere and it is mind-blowing


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