Friday, August 27, 2010

Hopefully It Is All Downhill From Here…

Yesterday we signed the lease to the new apartment and took a quick look at it. Turned the AC on and made a quick tour. It is nice. I will take pictures and post them here possibly tomorrow, well later today.

So, now we are going to start moving boxes and small stuff that will fit in the car. The moving truck is scheduled for Sept. 2nd, so hopefully we will have all the small stuff moved and will only have to move the furniture that day. I am thinking that it will only be 1-2 trips for that anyway. Later I have to do a more intense tour of the place and write down what is wrong with it, so that they can submit work orders to fix it.

This weekend we are cat sitting for a friend. He is headed out of town and while we are moving in we can take care of the cat as well. So it will be a busy and full weekend!! Ciao!

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  1. Good luck with the move. Ive already told the DH.. next time, if there is one, we move.. Im selling everything before we do.


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