Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stuck and Not In a Good Way

I suppose that this might become kind of a rant, so if you don’t want to read it all, I am okay with that. In my apartment building, they only have Comcast cable, I think I mentioned that before. Now, I have had a lot of issues with Comcast over the last year and little bit that we have lived here. So last night in the grocery fliers, there was a thing for DirectTV. Which we had at the house at one point and the only issue we had with them is that the repair people that came out would not replace the line when we were telling them that there was water in the line.

So, I called last night and I qualified for the deal that they are offering, but the hitch was that I had to talk to the apartment manager about getting this. Doug went down and talked to them and they said no. If it was because they thought that they were going to drill to put the dish up, DirectTV said that they would clip the dish to the ledge outside the window. I asked specifically about that to be sure that they would not drill. It would have been so much less than Comcast and get so much more! I am really mad because I tried Comcast and they really suck. I wanted something better and I feel that I should have the choice. I guess I do have a choice, Comcast or move. I can’t afford to move so I am stuck with no cable now. Sigh.

Well, going to go. Ciao.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rainy and Chilly

There have been a great many changes in my life in the last couple of months and all of them good, I think. I gave up cable for now. With rabbit ears on my TV I still get CBS which is where most of my programs are in the first place. The only channel I can not get right now, is ABC, which is Castle on Monday nights, but I can watch that online. Actually, I will most likely wait and get the season on DVD. We have so many movies and streaming from Netflix, so it is not like I am actually missing anything. I am not.

This actually helps me because I have more time to dedicate to school. And I don’t feel like I am missing anything at all. Now, don’t get me wrong, I might change that tune after a while and now, when I say there is nothing on TV there really is not. Sacrifices needed to be made and since I need the internet for school and we need a home phone, this was the one thing that we can get by without I think. I am not saying that we will not get cable again, but for now, it is off.

The weather here is cloudy, rainy, and chilly. I think last night they mentioned snow flakes by the middle of the week or so. Not sure. I know it will be in the 20’s for the low this week. Nice day to read and relax, which is what I am doing. Well, back to my book! Ciao!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Still Alive..

I know I have not written in a while and well, life happened all at once I suppose. Thanksgiving was good, it was just the two of us and so it was quiet. Although Doug asked his sister over for dessert with out telling me and I got mad about that. His excuse was that he thought I would say no. It is not that I would say no, I would have said yes, had he asked me or even discussed it with me. Instead, he did it behind my back and can you imagine how pissed off I would have been if she had shown up and I had no idea she was coming here?? We had a slight ‘come to Jesus’ meeting over that because I was mad. I don’t do that to him and I don’t expect him to do it to me. I understand that it is his sister, I don’t have an issue with him inviting her over, just freaking tell me she is coming!!! That was and is my point to all of this.

So he called her Thanksgiving night and she was not coming over, but would be here today to look at the clothes I am getting rid of. So today, we were waiting and waiting, she supposedly was to be here at 1pm. He called her at 1:15pm and she was not coming over, but had no intentions of calling to say that. That is what pisses me off. Then she tells Doug to bag up the clothes and give them to Sandy so she can look at them later. I have no intention of doing that. Mainly because all she had to do was come here for 10 minutes and look at them and she could not even do that. I am going to donate them to the Salvation Army across the street or something. I have had it.

Doug got a fantastic deal on our turkey. There is a store here that gives out stamps and if you filled so many books you got a free turkey up to 12 pounds. When he went to go get the turkey the smallest they had was 12.5 pounds, so he paid $.50 (50 cents) for our 12.5 pound turkey. It was a wonderfully juicy one too!! He made all of Thanksgiving dinner and it turned out really well!! In fact, the left overs were fantastic today!!

He also found a set of holiday dishes, 4 plates, 4 salad plates, 4 bowls, and 4 cups, a serving platter, a serving bowl, a butter dish, napkin holder, salt and pepper shakers, candle holders, creamer, sugar bowl, and gravy boat for $20. They are really cute and when it gets closer to Christmas I will show you the pattern on them. They all match. Kroger here also has holiday glassware for like a $1 each. Which we got a couple of glasses.

I changed the season on my blog to winter now. Since it is after Thanksgiving and Christmas  is right around the corner. I am going to go.. Ciao!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning in Fall

So last night while I was sitting in the bathtub reading, I realized that I had a closet full of clothes that I can not wear or do not like for the most part. So, after having gotten out of the tub and got dressed, I went in and started to clean out my closet. I would say that 90% of the stuff that was in there was too small for me. So, I have it all in a pile waiting on Doug’s sister to come over and pick through it and anything that she does not like, I am donating. There are so many things in there that I honestly have never worn because they were bought for me over my objections. These things still have the tags on them.

It is not like I will be without clothes because I have so many clothes that I literally have them on the floor because I have no place to put them all! Well, that is partially the truth, I hate folding clothes, so I usually live out of my clean laundry basket and they end up being tossed on the floor when I am looking for a specific thing. So, I am trying to get better organized for the new year and see what I need in terms of clothes. So, when I get my school money I can buy what I need.

It is actually nice to be finally getting this done. I have been wanting and meaning to do this for so long and I honestly always found something better to do instead. Before we moved from the house to the apartment, I cleaned out my shoes. I got rid a a couple of pairs, but I am not really a shoe person, so I tend to wear most of my shoes. Although I have a couple of pairs of heels I only wear when I have to.

This year has flown by so quickly, here we are almost at Thanksgiving and I have to wonder where the rest of the year went! School is going well and I am really enjoying it again. I was so burnt out by the time I took a few months off I actually thought I would never enjoy school again. But I was wrong and I am grateful for that. It flurried here the other day and stuck to the grass for a bit, well, at least until the sun came up. It was interesting to see the white on the ground, but the forecast for Thanksgiving does not call for snow in my little corner of Michigan. Not really sure if I am happy or sad about that.

My table and chairs that Doug got in February were finally put together for my birthday last month. They look nice and I love them! It is nice to be able to eat at an actual table at home now. Doug made his first ever pecan pie the other night and while I am not a fan, they look great and smelled good too! I think he is making pumpkin today and tomorrow for a few of our friends and for us. They are delicious! He made them last year for the first time and they came out great!! I am looking forward to that!

The trees around me are naked all ready because it has been so cold here as of late. Some trees still have some leaves, but I missed the colors this year and I am bummed about that. Not sure if we will get to the apple cider mill this year again, but it is okay. It is sunny and chilly here, of course the sky is clear so there is no clouds to hold in the warmth. I am finding myself colder this year than I was last year, but I think it has been chillier this year anyway. Well, going to run. Ciao!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Final Grade and Other Stuff

I forgot to mention my final grade for my Skills for Success class, which was an A. I got an A on on my final project and so I was happy. I have started Interpersonal Effectiveness, which  looks to be another class I can get an A in with no problem. Today is Sunday and I am relaxing for the most part. Church was good this morning and because it was friends and family day at my church, it was packed!! Which was so nice to see.

I am tired today. I think it is the overcast and chilly weather. I like the chilly part, but the overcast really makes me tired. I am starting a book called “God On A Harley” which so far is interesting. This will be a short entry. I am going to run for now, Ciao.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Forever Faithful…

I normally really like Karen Kingsbury’s writing and love her books, however, in this instance, I could not make it all the way through this trilogy. I could not make it through the first book in this all-in-one-three book set. I am not quite sure why I could not actually read this. It seemed like a story that I would have loved. The first part of book one was talking about how Hannah Ryan loses her husband and a daughter. Hannah is supposed to be Christian. In reality, I think (assumptions are mine) that she is kind of a Christian. Meaning that she goes to church, listens to praise music, she reads her Bible, but because she has never faced hardship in her life, she assumes that she never will. According to her, God won’t let bad things happen to me. Then a drunk driver takes her husband and daughter and she is left with nothing but anger.

She ignores her surviving daughter in order to begin a crusade to make sure the man who killed her family would be punished. At this point, her surviving daughter is dealing with the grief of losing her dad and sister who is her best friend. Not only that, she is wishing that she had died and her sister had lived because her mother is making her feel as if she is not enough.

After that part, I put the book down and thought I would give it a few days because I was very emotional. As it turns out, I never came back to it. I tried. I picked it up many times to open it and read again, but just could  not make myself. The emotions in the book are so powerful that I could not cope with the grief and deep sense of loss on the part of the characters. I have not really ever reacted this way to a book before. So it took me by great surprise when I thought about why I could not read this book.

Having said all of that, I will try to read this book at a later date and if I get through it I will amend my review to reflect that and what I thought about the trilogy in full. But for right now, I am not going to force myself to read this yet.

I got this book for free for the sole purpose of writing this review from WaterBrook  Multnomah.

Forever Faithful Trilogy by Karen Kingsbury (Chapter 1 Excerpt)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday but Technically Tuesday

My class ended yesterday and today I start a new class. I am waiting for the grade on my final project, I am hoping to keep my 100% in that class. I am applying for a scholarship and I would like to have only A’s and B’s on my transcripts when it is time to send my application. That is my goal. I was up checking out my new class and I thought I would stop by and do an entry now that I have some time.

I have missed blogging, but last week got out of control for me. Not because I did not have a plan, but because life happened and well, we all know what happens then. Friday was Doug’s birthday and I had gotten him an Xbox 360. We went to Olive Garden with his cousin to have a birthday lunch. Which was nice. We were supposed to go out to dinner, but again life intervened and we ended up staying home having delivery from a pizza place down the road. I had pizza and wings, Doug had a sub. They have great food, so I did not mind. Of course, I bought dinner for him.

Saturday, well, Saturday was one of those days that you look back on and ask yourself, where did my day go? Cause I sure did! I ran around with Michael (Doug’s cousin) getting some things taken care of and got home at 4:30pm, then we had to go to Joe and Vickye’s house for dinner for Doug’s birthday at 6pm. Joe’s mom and dad were there too and we all had a great time. They got Doug a couple of things and he was overwhelmed I think because he was not expecting gifts. After we came home, I finally got my project finished for class, so that I could go to church on Sunday with a clear mind.

Sunday was pretty much a day for me to recover from the last couple of days and it was nice and quiet. So, here we are to Monday, well I woke up with a migraine and had it all day. I had already completed my school work, so it was not really a big deal for me to do very little today/yesterday. We had taco salad for dinner as it was quick and easy. Looking to Thanksgiving dinner and getting prepared for that. There have been some things going on with Doug and his job because he has been out on medical leave because of his foot. He had/has a diabetic ulcer on the bottom of his heel. Since he is a diabetic, it is not good. It looks a lot better than it did and it is healing so very slowly.

Apparently some of the information given to him at the store level, was flat out wrong and he found out about that today when he called the corporate office because he got a notice in the mail about him not turning more leave paper work in (he did) and why did he not go back to work. So he called and spoke to a very nice person and got a lot of great information out of the call. While this diabetic ulcer thing is going on, now there is an issue with his big toe and he is concerned about it. So am I. He sees the doctor weekly for his foot, so it is being monitored closely. As a matter of fact, he sees the doctor later today/tomorrow. So, it will be interesting to hear what they have to say.

The weather here has been cool and nice. Rain today. So you know my windows are open!! Not much else going on right now, except I am most likely going to bed now. So, Ciao!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last Week of Class and Other Stuff

So this is week 5 of my class that I am in. I am now working on my final project for class and it is going well so far. I have to do a Power Point for this and while I do not hate them, but they sure are a ton of work!! More so than me sitting down and writing a paper for class. Having said all that, I do have to admit that I still have my 100% going in this class and now I am so nervous because this PP assignment is worth 300 points and that is a large chunk of my grade. I know that I am doing my best on it so I know that I am doing well.

I did end up taking a little more time for myself after last week because let’s face it, I needed it badly. I did my assignment that was due kind of half assed but got full points on it. Which in all honesty shocked me. I did send an email to my teacher explaining what was going on in my life and why my work in class may not have been up to my usual standards. I am glad that I did so.

Dealing with that whole situation last week took so much out of me and I know that was the goal in the long run. He got what he wanted. I ran scared. Since the changing of the cell number, the calls and texts stopped. Which was a major thing. I am okay and moving on now. I needed more time than I thought I would to get back on track but it is okay. I am back on track now and moving forward. Ciao.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Taking A Few Days

I know that I have not posted since Thursday, well that is because I took a couple days to deal with the aftermath of the situation I wrote about on Thursday. The cell number is changed and so far everything is quiet, which is good. However, after being subjected to almost endless phone calls and texts for three days, it seems eerily quiet to me.

I have not really gone anywhere yet since all this mainly because well, he accomplished his goal and I am scared. I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop and I hate feeling like this. Yesterday, I spent the day catching up on school work, not that I was behind exactly, I was behind for me. Because of all this crap the last week, I have been just trying to give myself time to deal with it.

It is not easy. Thank you to all the people who left comments here and on my Facebook page, I appreciate the support and advice. I had a lot of text messages too. I had to change my cell number which irritated  me more than anything, but since I have done that the calls and texts from him  have stopped. Which is good. I also tightened my Facebook security settings as well. Hopefully this is enough for now. I am seriously considering moving all my game playing friends to another page and leaving people that I connect with on a regular basis on the page I have now. I don’t know yet.

Well, this is it for now. Ciao.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Last Few Days

Since Monday I have been subjected to stalker like behavior from someone that I threw out of my life. I have let it go for the last few days hoping that this person would burn out and get bored with talking to my voicemail. Sadly this is not the case. Yesterday he stopped calling and I thought it was done, but today I got text messages from this person that rattled me so much that I called the cops and changed my phone number.

The last few days have been hell and  I would not wish this on anyone. Hopefully this is all now finished because I have a new number and I filed a report with the police. If it continues, I will continue to push for charges about this person. All I wanted was to be done with them and they went bat shit crazy on me. Sadly I never thought that this person would. Sigh.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Right Now I Wanna Scream

In the last few days I have been dealing with something that I honestly was not going to even mention here. Although it is over as of yesterday and this will be the last mention of it, I need to get my feelings out of my head so I can let go of it for once and for all.

A friend of mine from the bad old days in Florida, had been in my life for a while and we had been talking and stuff. We had a big fight  before my birthday and that pissed me off because this person (I think) did it on purpose. After my birthday, we talked and I decided to try and let him back into my life again.

He began by telling me he loved me and missed me. He wanted to be with me. All of this while I am living with another man. He was telling me I was the only one who he was talking to . He wanted to be in my life and yadda yadda. Saying all these pretty things to me. However, knowing him like I do, I did not buy any of this.

Come to find out (yesterday) that he is thinking about moving back to Florida. Something he has told me over and over again that he would never do. Various reasons why. So when he said this to me, I was surprised. I asked why. Apparently while he was telling me I was the only one, there was another girl too. Mind you, he hurt me because I thought we were friends enough to not lie to each other. I thought we had passed that a long time ago.

Apparently I was wrong about that. What hurts the most are the lies. He told me he was living in Texas when he is living in another state. He told me he did not have a cell phone when he did. When we first started talking, he told me he was single and he was not. So, this is on me because with his past, I should have seen this coming. Live and learn.

He lied to me about things he did not need to lie about and when confronted about them, he would have all kinds of excuses ready. So, I threw him out of my life yesterday. He called me 15 time or so after I hung up on him (it might have been childish to hang up on him, but I did not feel that I needed to talk to him anymore). He left me voicemails that I deleted without listening to. I unfriended him on Facebook and I erased my call log on my phone as well as took him out of my phone.

I honestly do not need so called friends like that in my life. Oh and for the record, I told him that I was staying here and I was happy for the most part where I am. I am hurt by the loss of a friendship, which apparently only meant something to me and not to him. If it mattered to him at all he would not have lied to me repeatedly.