Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Been MIA

In some cases, that would be bad. However in mine, it was good. It has been difficult since December and apparently when things are getting better now they are falling apart again. School has been good, got through my math class with a B. Took me almost three to four hours of studying a night to do so, but it is over now. I am in to an Abnormal Psychology class now and it is just starting so we will see where that goes.

I have myself a new soldier that I adopted. His name is Michael and right now he is in Georgia at Ft. Benning. His company is getting ready to deploy to Kuwait in the next few months. So, I know I will be busy with that. He is a nice guy, very humble. Sometimes, I feel as though I go through the deployments with these guys. In a way, I guess I do.

I can not believe it is April already! I am wondering where the time went!! Hope this finds everyone well. I am good.. Just busy with school mostly and life. I hope to be back posting here regularly but we will see.