Saturday, August 28, 2010

This Weekend and Why I Hate Comcast

As of last night, we are ‘officially’ moving stuff in to the new place. I am excited but also kind of meh about the whole thing. I think that I have been so ground down from all the ‘no problem you will get in’ to the ‘ you don’t quite qualify to get in here’ stuff on the apartment management’s part. First we were in then we were not. Ugh. It was a rollercoaster ride for almost a month and it wore on my nerves. When we finally heard that we were ‘in’ I was about to start the process of looking for another place. Because we had to have specific geographic locations, it was difficult.

Also, we have a cat, so that was a main thing as well. In Florida, a lot of the apartment complexes have rules concerning pets, I get those. No big deal. You want me to pay a pet deposit, sure no problem, I understand that too. Here in Michigan is the first time I have seen some place want a pet deposit and then tack on between $20-$50 a month extra to the rent. See, that is just wrong I think. You are already getting an extra $200 for the pet deposit, but they have to double dip. As well as a regular security deposit and first and last month rent.  So, those places were out just on the principal of the thing.

Today (later because I am writing this at 4:07am) we are moving more stuff and I am cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom. I saw something today that reminded me of bad 70’s decor. The hallway closet as you come in to the apartment is mirrored. From top to bottom. I kinda had to laugh at that a little bit. I will also begin to put stuff away after I line the shelves and drawers of course. I have a huge Wal-Mart list and dollar store too.

Okay, so you are most likely wondering what that ‘I hate Comcast’ thing is about. I will tell you. When I lived in Florida, we had Comcast for about 3 months. The only reason I got rid of it was because the customer service sucked and they were killing us with fees for this and fees for that. I know that these places are in it to make money, I have no problem with that at all. When I order a $20 pay per view thing, it had better be on. If it is not when I call to complain, I had better get results. I did not. In fact, the person I got a hold of was rude and told me basically I was out of luck. Um, no dude, you are. The next day we got Dish Network. So, because of where we are moving, ATT only does phone I think. So, I am stuck with Comcast. When I was putting the order in for service, I forgot to write down how much I needed to have for the installer ( because they make you pay a $100 equipment fee+ your first month of service). So, I had gone back online and ended up with another person, who was trying to tell me that I needed to have $304.95 for installation. Um, no. I would have remembered a number like that because I would have cancelled my order and went someplace else. Or tried to. I told her that was wrong and could she please look again. I thought it was something like $220, but even to be that seemed crazy.

Actually, it ended up being $235.95 I think for the installation. I still think that is completely insane because ATT came out installed everything and put it on the bill. Not an issue. No money up front. I asked the lady if they did that and she was kind of rude about it. I mean come on, who has an extra $100-$200 laying around. We do, because we had been saving money for this the whole time. So, that is why I hate Comcast. I am hoping that they are better up here than they were in Florida. Ciao!

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  1. ah, i don't miss comcharge.....or the pet rent. it's pretty hard for a cat to earn 60$ a month.

    we have wow in warren- they are less expensive and have really good customer service.

    happy cleaning-



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