Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What A Crazy Day!

Yesterday and Sunday were such crazy days for me! Let me start with Sunday. On Saturday I had my ‘welcome call’ from Kaplan University. I still had to sign my Master Promissory Note for school. Well, I had an appointment set up for Monday to speak with my enrollment person, but I guess that was not quick enough. So the Financial Aid people were to call me on Sunday.

They called about 2pm but the web site I needed to use was down, so he asked if he could call me back at like 5pm. Sure why not? In the mean time I was trying to help a friend straighten out a group she started, she needed to have a Messenger conference, with some people so I had to run that. Of course it ran over and was still going on when school called me back.

I got on the web site that I needed filled out the forms needed and submitted them. All is good. The conference wrapped up soon after and only a few minor technical issues, people not able to get in, stuff like that. I got my username and password for the Kaplan site, so I logged in and took the campus tour.

Yesterday morning I got an email from my enrollment guy at Kaplan, he wanted to call be early to get me over to academics to get me registered for classes. My original appointment was at 4:30pm, but apparently there was a meeting at that time in the academic area, so they needed to call me early. It was not an issue because I was awake. So, I was on the phone with them for a while yesterday morning.

Went to bed at 11am finally and was woken up at 1pm. School called again, it seemed that they registered me for two classes when I was to be registered for only one right now. Ugh. Got that taken care of, then the people delivering the dryer today called and let me know they would be here between 7am-11am. Which is kind of good because then I can go to bed and sleep. I have to call the kids today later.

So, it has been kind of crazy around here. I did forget to do an entry on yesterday, but you can see why! I now am awake to wait on the dryer people. Ugh. So tired! Ciao!



Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dinner At Ruth Chris Last Night

001 Okay, so last night I finally got to Ruth Chris for dinner. Last week I was feeling so horrible that I could not go. I am so glad that I waited and did not try to go last week.

When you pull up to the restaurant you notice that you are in a rather industrial area, lots of businesses and office buildings. They offer complementary valet service for your car, which actually was nice.

When you walk in to let them know that you are here, they have a coat room to the left complete with a person standing there to check your coat if you wish. After you give them your name they tell you that you are all checked in and if you want you can wait in the bar.

When they seat you, your sever comes over to ask if you are _____ party. All night long they call you by name. It is a total experience. The dining room has the feeling of being in a very high end restaurant. Like the ones you see on TV and in movies.

The menu is all al a carte. Meaning everything is separate, there are no no complete dinners. There are many choices of fall kinds of things: steaks, chicken, seafood.

I got the New York Strip steak with a loaded baked potato and garlic green beans. I also got a steak house salad. The salad was so good. Very fresh ingredients and the croutons were hand made. The dressing was very good too. My steak was medium rare and cooked perfectly. My potato weighed at least a pound and was soo good. The green beans were so perfect!

Doug got a chopped salad to start with and it actually came as a  molded salad, which I have never ever seen before. He got the cowboy rib eye as his steak and it was huge! He got potatoes lynese, which is sautéed potatoes with onions. He got creamed spinach for a vegetable, which was good I had a bite.

We do have leftovers and I will show you mine. For dessert we both had crème brulee, OMG this stuff is EVIL. I would go back just for that honestly.

I enjoyed it, but high end is just not me. Not really. It is someplace that we would go to for special occasions but not like once a month. This older couple that was at the table next to us, are there weekly. After seeing how easy it was to spend over $100 on dinner I can not imagine being there weekly!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nook Skin Pictures


This is the back of the Nook



This is the front view…

Nook Day 3 and Stuff

First the other stuff. This week has been totally stressful for me. I am working on getting into Kaplan, and I have been dealing with financial aid. Since Phoenix used some of my financial aid there was an issue because all of my credits will not show until the middle of my first term. So I would not be showing as a junior. I would not be getting junior level financial aid, so there were out of pocket expenses. The first financial aid person I talked to, Leslie, had told me that my out of pocket expenses would be about $1,000.

Doug and I talked about it and he said he would help me with it. Fine so the next day I had a couple of questions about the payment plan and I spoke with someone else who told me that basically Leslie lied to me. She was assuming that I would get an extra $3,000 for my junior level funding once my credits showed  up. So, actually after my Pell got boosted a bit, my out of pocket was going to be more like $1,700. I was kind of like how if my Pell went up do I owe more?!?!

As I said Leslie was assuming that I would get the extra $3,000. Which there is no reason I should not because I will be a junior and be eligible for the junior level funding. The person that I spoke to was like there is no guarantee that I would get the extra $3,000. At $1,700 Doug could not help me.

So, I was talking to my enrollment guy ( If you want to go back to school and go to Kaplan let me know, I have the BEST enrollment guy!) and telling him what was going on, he went above and beyond the call and got a financial aid supervisor to call me and explain all of this crap to me. The guy that called me explained EVERYTHING to me. From loan limits to how they calculate my loans. Stuff that everyone needs to know.

So, here is the deal, I am starting the first term at half time, because it is totally covered with the financial aid that is left. Once my credits show up I can go back to full time. So, finally with all that taken care of I am feeling better about this.

I am still loving my Nook. I have finished two books on it so far and I am enjoying using it. I am waiting on my skin still but once I get it and get it on my Nook I will show you what it looks like. I added music to my Nook too. I have checked out a book from the library and put it on my Nook, the format is a bit wonky but that happens sometimes. I am now on my third ebook.

Well, I think that is it for now. Ciao!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nook Day 2 ( Early)

Okay so I still love my Nook, but I can not figure out how to set the time on it. I might have to take it to the Barnes & Noble store for help. In the scheme of things not all that horrible. Plus I will get free coupons and content when I go in store.

I found many free ebooks at Barnes & Noble’s web site. I also can download from area libraries who have ebook collections. I actually have a hold on a book in one of those libraries.

I have many many books on my ebook wish list of course! Now I know what I want for birthdays and Christmases now. LOL.

I am enjoying my Nook, but it does take a bit of getting used to. Does this mean that I am giving up ‘real’ books, no. I am not. But this is a nice thing to have when we travel because I can take a whole bunch of books with me and not break my back.

The e-ink screen is amazingly clear. The Nook is not backlit. That was not a mistake it is by design. It is designed that way to be easier on your eyes. I know my eyes get tired reading on my lap top.

I have a skin that is on its way, so maybe that will help me a bit with the getting used to it. The white frame distracts me a bit. We will see. When I get the skin on it I will show you guys. If you can go in to a Barnes & Noble to check one out.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nook Day 1

001 Okay, so my first impression is that if you are going to get yourself a Nook, make sure that you go to the Barnes & Noble boards and read them. I did and had no issues getting into the packaging. However, it comes in a cardboard sleeve, once you get that off, there is a plastic box, the box is tough to get002 into but it actually holds the Nook in place and keeps it safe, so it actually is a good thing.

After you get the box open the Nook is in a cradle that literally does not allow the Nook to move on inch at all. The USB and wall plug are in a small box in the bottom of the plastic box, DO NOT THROW AWAY.

My Nook is charging, that is what they recommend for the first step, but I have already registered it, which you need a Barnes & Noble account to do. Make sure that you have a credit card associated with the account, it makes it easier.

I have a couple of pictures of my nook so far. So for the first day, I like my Nook a lot! Kiss

Nook Day!

I get my Nook from Barnes & Noble today. I am so excited! For those who have no idea what a Nook is, it is Barnes & Noble’s e-reader. I debated between the Kindle and Nook, but for the money, the Nook was my choice. Mainly because I could expand my memory on the Nook with an SD card.

Also the Nook has a color touch screen and it is a lot cheaper than the Kindle. The Kindle locks you into having to buy books from Amazon, but the Nook I can borrow ebooks from the library or other ebook sellers. I can also lend the ebooks that I have to a friend, which I liked too.

I will post later after I get it and take some pictures of it. I am also going to do a week long, day by day journal of what I like and don’t about it. So, later will be Day 1. Ciao!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Changing of the Guard, Um School

Okay, since I am so fed up with the current school I called Kaplan University. I spoke with a really nice guy and I am transferring there when this class is finished. They have NO LEARNING TEAMS. A HUGE plus for me because I am so over that drama crap.

Plus they have seminars once a week for an hour and live office hours with the instructors. They also require the instructors to hold at least a Master’s in the class they are teaching and have been working in the field for at least a year.

So, I really think that this might be a better place for me. Ciao!


Monday, March 22, 2010


Yesterday really annoyed me, Doug had to do a Power Point for school. He has done about 4 or 5 of them so far. Before he evens tries to do it on his own, he always asks for help. I get frustrated because he never just tries it on his own.

Also he yells at me when I help him. I get mad and yesterday was no exception. He got mad and I basically said, if you know how to do it then what am I doing here? So, I walked away.

I was not feeling well yesterday again. I had a minor headache again, which is from the weather. Ugh. I am going to try and relax a bit today, which is what I did yesterday too. It was nice, I read and played Farmville.

Well, I am oKissuta here.. Ciao!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yesterday Sucked

So while I was hoping to be doing laundry at home today with the new dryer, we are not. Apparently someone ‘forgot’ to tell Doug that it is a gas dryer and he bought an electric one because he saw a plug. So, now he has to go get another dryer and wait for it to be delivered again. Not to mention that the delivery time for the dryer is much like waiting for the cable/ satellite TV to be installed. They give you a four hour period in which they could be there, say they will call a half an hour before they arrive, then of course our four hour period was 1-5pm, they called at 4:26pm.

We were supposed to go to Ruth Chris last night but I was not feeling well enough to go. I would not have enjoyed myself and if you are paying that much money for a dinner I want to enjoy it, so I am hoping to be able to go next week.

I am not sure what will be done about the dryer. I guess he could exchange it and pay the difference. I don’t know. I know he was in ill temper because of it. Then he was frustrated with me because I was going to still try and go to dinner feeling like I did, but in the end I could not.

Although now, I am positively starving! Maybe some yogurt after I finish this. Yesterday I watched the movie ‘ Whip It’, which is about roller derby. It was very funny and very poignant at the same time. If you have kids, you might want to watch it first. But it is not horrible. Maybe today I will watch ‘The Promotion’ with Sandra Bullock.  Well, I am going to run… Ciao!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Question Answered and About Last Night

This morning I will start off answering a question from Lisa in Kentucky. ::Waving:: Hi Lisa! Lisa asked me how old my son is, he is 14 and will be 15 this Sept. Ohmygosh, I feel so old now! He is a freshman in high school this year and the picture on my sidebar is him in his ROTC uniform getting ready for school one morning. I do have to brag for a minute though, he was on the A & B honor roll this year and I am so proud of him!

In elementary school he had such issues with school and learning, I was afraid that it would be a massive undertaking to get him through high school. He had issues in middle school too, then all of a sudden it clicked with him and he has been doing fantastic since then. Since I am bragging about him, I have to brag about my daughter too. She brought her grades up so much that she is no longer in danger of failing! Yay!! I am so proud of both my kids.

Last night was great! Good company and the food was pretty good too. I had pizza ( was there ever any doubt?!?!) and Doug had chicken Florentine. His chicken was so thin and juicy, which is amazing because when you pound chicken breasts thin, there is more of a chance you will dry them out while cooking.

We actually could not find the place, so we pulled into CVS to go in and ask directions, but as Doug was getting out of the car, he was like ‘Found it!’ Ya’all, it was across the street from where we parked! LOL. We were only a few minutes late though. No big deal. I had fun catching up with Becky and Mark, it was a great time! Hopefully we will be doing it again soon!

I think that this is it for now. Ciao!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting Ready

I ordered my Nook today. I am excited! Now I have to wait and I will not wait patiently. LOL.

I had a horrible headache earlier and still have a little bit of it left. Ugh. It has been really nice the last two days but it is supposed to be cold tomorrow, so that is why the headache.

Getting ready for dinner soon, I am so excited to see Becky again. I am going to enjoy dinner a lot.

I have to do another DQ today. Ugh. I am so sick of this class, but I have to finish it. I wanted to see if I could drop it and come back to it, but no luck there.

Well, I am tired, I am going to go.. Ciao!



I am rather excited for today, mostly because tonight I am having dinner with one of my favorite people. Doug’s cousin Becky and her family. Becky and I get along so well and we have become fast friends over the last couple of years. We were doing dinner like once a month over the summer then life got hectic on her part and we have  not done dinner until tonight!

Becky and I talk on Facebook and through IM when we can. But it is nice getting to see her in person again. We are doing Italian tonight, so I will let you know how the food is.

They are also going to call about the dryer to arrange installation today. Yesterday the guy that sold Doug the dryer called and told him that it went on sale and that he has two days to come in with the receipt and they will refund the difference, which as it turns out is like $80! So he has to do that today too.

I think that I have settled on the Nook versus the Kindle. I was reading some of the reviews for them both in the tech magazines and for the price, the Nook is the better buy. I can lend and borrow books from friends who have Nooks, you can not do that with a Kindle. Also the Nook has a color touch screen and when I go into Barnes and Noble stores I can get free books and coupons by hooking into their wifi with my Nook. I love free stuff and plus you can read entire books for free while in store, so I can go in and read a whole book while sitting in the cafe.

I am actually rather looking forward to this a lot. We go on trips a lot, so this will actually be handy. Well, I have a horrible headache this morning, gotta love Michigan weather! Ciao!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Email Accounts Everywhere

I have several different email accounts all over the place and they all are for different things really. When I first signed up for Internet with AT&T I had the option to merge my old Yahoo account with the new AT&T one, which I did. Now this was like three years ago when I first got DSL for school. I loved it a lot because all of my yahoo mail went directly to my AT&T account, so I did not have to mess with it.

The issue came when the Sister forgot to pay the phone bill. Because of that, I could not access my AT&T account, but they let me unmerge my Yahoo account, which I did because I needed to be able to send and receive emails. Some of you might remember the great Messenger migration because of that.

After she paid the bill and I got access back, I could not remerge those accounts, so I have my Yahoo account, which is where all the important stuff comes and the account the messenger is attached to that account now. So that is what I call my ‘A’ account, I check that one often and respond to the emails sent there.

My AT&T account is what I call a ‘B’ account, generally all the subscriptions to news letters and online things go there. I do not check that account often, hence the 200 emails today. Although, if I want to connect with you on Yahoo I have to do it through that account for some reason.

My ‘C’ account is where most of the spam goes, the ‘you have won the Argentina Lottery’ emails go there and I hardly ever check that account at all.

I still have the AOL email address but hardly ever check that too. I just hang on to that.

So it would depend on how much I like you as to what email address I give you. LOL.


A Nook and Other Things

I will be honest here, I have resisted getting a digital e-reader ( such as Kindle, Nook, etc..) because honestly I love the event of reading a book. I have to occasionally question my resistance though, like when we travel. I always take 3 or 4 books with me and sometimes coupled with the weight of my lap top in my back pack it can get rather heavy. So, when Doug asked me if I wanted a Kindle or something like that I went to Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com to look at both.

Now, the Kindle with the bigger screen is almost $500. The Nook, which I can use data cards with to expand storage of my e books is $259. Honestly, the biggest reason that I have not got one is the price. But Doug wants an X-Box 360, so he is willing to get me an e-reader.

I think that I am going to go with the Nook over the Kindle mainly because I can go into the store and hold it in my hand and when I am in a Barnes and Noble I can get free content. That is a huge plus for me. They also let you download screen savers to the Nook. Before I get one, like I said I need to actually look at it.

It would be easier to travel with a Nook or Kindle because I could leave the books home and take the much lighter e-reader with me. So we will see..

I am looking at Kaplan University maybe to transfer to because they have ‘seminars’ in their classes. I kind of miss those because you learn so much from your instructors that way. I like UoP but I am really disappointed in the caliber of instructors that I have had for my Bachelor program so far. I am not jumping so quickly I want some information though. Well, I am off to play Farmville! Ciao!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taking Control

of my education. I am looking into another school. Not because I am unhappy with UoP but because I think that I need more of something. If and when I decide to move I will let you know. Since I started my current degree, I have had some instructors that I feel are really subpar. I mean really.

So, I decided to look around and see what is out there for me. We will see. Called the kids today. Spoke to Jonathan but not Katie. I was supposed to call yesterday but had a massive headache so I emailed John and told him to let them know that I would call today. According to my son, he did not. ::sigh::

Happy St. Patty’s day! So the dryer is going to be delivered on Saturday. I am happy. Well, I am gonna run.. Ciao!


Much Ado About Nothing

Well, I am in the double digits for followers on this blog. A few over 10 but that is okay. It is just nice to have someone reading what I am writing. I am enjoying this blog a lot and honestly I was not all that sure that I would really. I am updating both, although I have not updated ‘Insanity’ in a few days, I will get to that later.

I forgot to mention that my blog is now on Technorati, although I can not find a widget on their site to put on my blog. They redesigned the whole site and even the claim process, so now I am trying to get used to the new site. The process is somewhat easier I do have to say though.

I also want to submit my blog to Blogher, but I have to wait until April to do that because it has to be at least a month old. That is no big deal really. I am hopeful that we will have a new dryer by this weekend.

I have not been feeling well lately… I think that I am getting sick. Ugh. I gotta run… Ciao!!Kiss

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Developments

Sometimes a situation can change in the blink of an eye. Well, Doug has made reservations at Ruth Chris Steakhouse for us for Saturday. Which kind of startled me at the time because I have not been there and it is a very high end kind of steakhouse. I mean I am not going to turn it down, but still.

He also is getting a dryer for the house finally after almost a year (I think) of not having one because it broke. Which meant that he had to go to the laundry mat to dry clothes. So, finally! Yay! I am excited, I think that he is getting one from Home Depot.

We are also looking at new couches, which we desperately need one. I am partial to three that I have found so far. Actually one is a love seat. I will put the photos of them below.

The first one is a sofa that turns into a bed, kind like a futon, but it looks better than that.

Sofa lounger

The next one is a reclining sofa, which because it is only the two of us would be nice.

reclining sofa

The last one is actually a love seat and it goes with the sofa above, I like it because of the cup holders and the storage compartment in the middle for remotes.


I just started looking, but I like those three so far. They just look comfortable to me. I am just looking online right now, then when I find a couple more we will start heading to the stores to try them out…

Well, I am going to go! Ciao!


Monday, March 15, 2010

This Morning…

This morning I ordered something from Joyce Meyers. When I have a bit of extra money I try to do that as often as I can. She has such great things! I love her books and usually when she has the ‘offers’ from her TV show and radio show, they are a great value. Normally there is at least one that you can pay what you can afford. I try to those when I am low on money, because I can get great books, cds or DVDs for like $10.

This morning the offer that I got was a book and a cd set. I am excited to get this, but I got standard handling because generally it is free. I can only afford to do these a couple of times a year, but I figure that God is okay with that and He knows what the situation with me is.

I am sitting here listening to Joss Stone. I love her voice a lot. She is a soulful singer. I caught her on The Graham Norton show once. It was an old show because her CD ‘Introducing Joss Stone’ had just come  out and it came out in like 2007. So, that was the first CD of hers I got and fell in love. So I got an earlier CD and it is so good too!

I have a paper to do lately, I think that I was supposed to get permission for my topic though. Oops a bit late. ::sigh:: Ciao!Kiss

Time Change and Other Pressing Problems

I know that I have problems just about every year at the time changed. Why would this year be any different? More importantly, why would I think that this year would be any different? ::sigh:: I went to bed at 9:30pm because I was so tired. I wake up at like 12:30am. So, now I know that I am going to be totally tired tomorrow or rather today.

This Farmville thing is going to be a problem I can see this now. I was up begging for parts to finish building my stable and my French farmhouse because I have nothing better to do. Do not confuse nothing better to do with nothing else to do, because there are other things I could so be doing.

Well, I guess I better get back to my Farmville begging because that stable and French farm house are not gonna build themselves. Ciao!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Mix of Things

This morning here in Michigan it is rainy and chilly, but that did not stop us from going to O’Mara’s for brunch this morning. It was so good as usual and as usual I ate way too much!

God is great because I am not sure if I mentioned it, but I got a small refund from my Michigan State taxes that honestly I was not expecting. Every year I get a letter from them saying that what ever I was supposed to get back, I actually did not qualify for, so I was expecting the same thing this year.

Since the time changed early this morning, I am back to being exhausted again and I am going to lay down and take a nap here soon. I hate feeling like this! The weather is not helping either. ::sigh::

I started playing Farmville on Face book, now I have pretty much resisted until Friday. Okay, so I am hooked now. It was bad enough before, but this is really really bad! So, if you are on Facebook and play Farmville, look me up.

I think that this is it for now… Ciao!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Couple of Product Reviews

Pepcid I have had horrible heartburn before. So, usually regular antacids do not work for me well. They take forever to work and then sometimes they only half work for me. So, I finally got fed up and decided that I would try Pepcid AC. Mainly because I could take it before the heartburn starts and be covered. So, I had Doug buy me the smallest one, because if it did not work well I did not want to be stuck with a lot of this stuff. I get heartburn usually after Italian and spicy food, sometimes the Italian is spicy, so I am in for a double whammy!

The first time I tried it, I have to say that I was amazed! It worked quickly and lasted a long time. So, I have continued to use it and so far it is still working like a charm and it lasts all night, so I can sleep well. I love this stuff! If you have heartburn and it is really bothering you, try this.

Another thing that I recently have staYoplaitrted to eat is Yoplait yogurt. Mainly because they have these great flavors like Boston crème pie, apple turnover, and a lot of others. If you really want to know my list of favorites email me  because I have a list made. The thing with me is that I can not stand diet food or anything fat free.

Yoplait light, actually is fat free and only 100 calories and yeah I love it! It is good for me and really hits the spot normally, especially if I need something ‘sweet’. The only one that I did not really love was Key Lime Pie, because the lime flavoring was so strong. Like overpowering strong. I have a list of the ones that I want to try as well.

So there you have it, two product reviews from me. I give them a 5 out of 5. Ciao!


Before I Forget….

Have you ever said this to someone to only forget what you were saying in the first place?!? It has been happening to me more and more lately and I don’t understand it or know why. It sure is frustrating and sometimes even aggravating because it was just there! Right on the tip of my brain and tongue!  Ahhhhh! I just want to scream when it happens, ‘But it was right here!!!’ Sometimes I do actually say that loudly. It doesn’t help though. It is not like you lost your keys, you can look for those.

Once you lose something you wanted to say and you thought at the time was important or even sort of important it is gone. Then when I actually remember exactly what I wanted to say, it seems so trivial that I am left to wonder, why in the world did I want to say that at all???

That is beyond frustrating too! You know I usually am online a lot, so I keep my planner program open because it is what I use for my assignments and other various appointments or things that I schedule, such as TV. I have to schedule my favorite TV shows into my days because if I don’t I will not have time to do school work before a show comes on. Anyway, there is a notebook feature in this program, normally I use it to ‘write’ things down that I wish to say to people at a later date or write down things that I need, which I will not be able to recall at a later time.

I feel so old because I never had to write things down before. Not like this. But these were pretty much pre school days, so maybe I am so distracted by school these days that I forget a lot of other things. ::sigh:: I wish that there was room for everything in my brain but I know better than that. Maybe I will start taking that gingko that I tease others that they need. So, before I forget thank you for reading and following me here… Ciao!




Friday, March 12, 2010

Confessions and Other Things

I have heard that confession is good for the soul. So, I am going to confess right here today to you all. I slept all day. Doug had to work early, so he got home earlier than usual. We went to bed about 8am because he was going with his dad at about 10:30 or so this morning. I slept until he got home at almost 2pm. He brought me lunch and I ate and was online for a few minutes then I laid back down. I just got up at 7pm. I have been so exhausted lately! I feel pretty good because I got lots of good sleep.

We are going to a little place that we always go to on Tuesdays for dinner tonight later. After Numb3rs. Today’s Numb3rs is the season finale.

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail today. I actually got a check from the State of Michigan from when I did my taxes. It was not a lot, but it is more than I had. So I am doing the happy dance!

I know I have not talked about this here, but a few weeks ago I bought some Alli to take to help me lose weight. I have yet to take any. Mainly because I am trying to get my diet under control first. It is difficult and I am trying hard, so I am thinking that within the next month I will have my diet about where it should be according to their plan and I will start taking the capsules then. I have already started taking the multi vitamin, which is probably a good thing for me.

I am going to go, I have some school stuff to catch up on. Ciao!


Finally Friday, Not That it Matters To Me

Thanks to all of my new followers that I have picked up in the last few days. It is nice to have you here at ‘Transplanted’. I hope that you enjoy yourself while you are here and feel free to leave comments to let me know that you were here.

You know it is Friday, when even on the music channel they play ‘Workin’ for the weekend’ by Loverboy. I actually like that song somewhat, but you will not find it on my playlist here. The playlist I designed for this blog is all 70’s and somewhat soft music.

I have really enjoyed creating this blog and it has helped my focus some. Although right now with school, I am still having issues with focus because the class is boring. I will have to work through this.

I do have a question for you all though. I am trying to use a big enough font, I think that I am going to stick with this one, but is this size ( it is size 14) too big, or is it okay? I will use either size 12 or 14, I know that sometimes when I am reading blogs and the font is too small I will skip reading sometimes.

I am involved with a few things right now outside of school that when they come together I will do separate entries on them both. I am so excited by this new venture! When I left Soldiers’ Angels because of commitments to school I was sad because I really wanted to do both, but it was really difficult to give both the required time they both needed. I wanted to still be a part of that, but time just has not worked out for me to be able to do that. So, I found something else that is like that but on a smaller scale. I will be doing an entry on it soon, so watch for that.

This Amazon thing has gotten me going crazy, so this is what we decided to do: hopefully this book will be here soon. I think that I know what happened, I was looking at my math text book for the next class and I thought that I had placed that on my text book wish list, but it may have gone into my cart instead, so when I bought something else, I might have accidentally bought that too. I don’t know, I am very careful about things like that…

If it is my math book, I will just keep it. If it is not, then I will send it back to get a refund. Because it is not Amazon but the Marketplace they tell me there is not much that they can do for me. I have to work it out with the seller and that is not going well either. ::sigh::

I am happy to report that I am reading my second non psychology, non text book now. I am excited! Two books in a row that have nothing to do with school. Well, I think that I am going to go.. Ciao!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Really Frustrated at Amazon

Okay, so I am not sure if this will end my love affair with Amazon.com or not, but I am so frustrated by them right now!
There is this item that was $60 and some change that was ordered, now I don’t think that I ordered it. I know that Doug did not. So, I contacted Amazon about it. They said that they would launch an investigation but could not tell me the outcome of it. What?!?! That was the first of many strange things.
Then I was told to contact the seller of the item because it was a Marketplace purchase. Fine, sent off an email explaining that I did not order the item and I had contacted Amazon, please if it has not shipped cancel the order because I did not order it. They sent me an email back that said:
Thank you for contacting us regarding your order. I apologize that there was confusion regarding the delivery times you could expect. The listing for each item includes a statement "usually ships in 1-2 business days". Although it does state that the item will be shipped in two business days, delivery via media mail may take 4-14 business days and can take up to 21 business days. The use of "business days" can create confusion. Unfortunately, this information is not maintained by the sellers. We have noticed that the expectation created by the messages can create confusion and we are working diligently to correct this situation. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
I sent them an email saying that I did  not want to know about shipping that I DID NOT place the order and I needed someone to help me get my money back. So then they sent me an email saying:
Thank you for contacting us regarding your order. We were not able to cancel your order. As your item is currently on its way to you and we are not able to recall it from the shipper. If you wish to return this item when it arrives, please send it to:
5520 Brick Road
South Bend, IN 46628

No where was anything about the fact that I did not order this! So, I had Amazon call me today because I am going round and round with the seller of this book, I guess. I spoke to someone and I have 3 options, I can go to the cops and report that someone ordered something from my Amazon then send them the police report, I can suck it up and return the item as soon as it arrives (providing that it does actually arrive), or I can wait until April 1st to file a claim with Amazon.
I mentioned contacting the bank about this to get my money back and I was told that if I went that route my Amazon account would be ‘placed on hold’. Which really pisses me off because I have been a loyal customer for many years and this is the first issue I have really had like this.  Grrrrr.
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Some More Randomness

Normally when I write entries for any of my blogs ( I have 3!) I use Live Writer. I am in love with this! Mainly because I can use any font that they offer and it works in my blogs. While most of the time I do try to keep it simple it is fun to try new fonts sometimes.
You can get Live Writer from Microsoft and it is free. You have to set it up to connect to your blog on Blogger or where ever it is. It is very easy to do!
So today I submitted this blog to Technorati, I am not sure why but I am now waiting patiently on them to approve it. I remember when it only took hours or minutes to get approved, now who knows how long. I also wanted to submit my blog to BlogHer, but found out that I have to wait until my blog is at least thirty days old, which honestly is not a big deal.
I also learned today that Feedburner is now owned by Google and Yahoo now has another blog thing ( I can’t remember the name!) I am still working on this blog, and I think that I am almost finished. I am still going over the question of music on blogs… So, I have 9 readers and I ask you, what do you think? Please give me something to go on! Yes or no to music?
Okay well I am outta here for now! Ciao!

P.S. The Yahoo thing I could not remember is My Blog Log... 

Just Random Thoughts

So, for today I am kind of all over the place. Well, really it has been like this for a couple of weeks. It is like I have lost my focus and I have looked everywhere and can not find it! I hate this feeling because nothing settles me when I get like this. I am this neurotic bird flitting from one thing to another and back again. Add the total exhaustion and it makes for an interesting day, let me tell you!

Although I was talking to a friend and fellow UoP person yesterday ( I think it was.) and she was talking about being so tired that she needed a nap. I was like, I know what you mean! We both have had migraines too, just over different eyes, mine was left hers was right. ::sigh:: I have no idea. I just know that this class is killing me.

I am so bored and restless. I don’t want to do the assignments and wait until the very last minute to actually think about doing them. The things that were pounded in my head during my Associate program, are now irrelevant. I am kind of lost I guess. The concepts are not the issue, since the instructors there have gained the ability to change the syllabus, which is basically the roadmap to the class, things have been chaotic. One instructor does not really care about APA, then the next one is an APA Nazi. We are being told to post our individual papers in the main area where everyone can read them.

I am trying really hard to right the ship and keep moving forward but it is difficult lately. It does not help that this class bores the stuffing out of me. ::sigh::

I actually got to read a non psychology, non text book, book finally. I am still actually. I am almost finished with it. It is pure heaven let me tell you. Here it is Thursday already, ugh. I have a discussion question that I need to answer and find two somewhat interesting posts to actually reply to later as well.

Well, I won’t bore you anymore…Ciao!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Positively Chatty These Days!

It would seem that I am positively chatty these days in this blog! I guess creating a new blog really gets my creative juices flowing. I know that normally I do not make multiple posts everyday, but it seems that I have a lot to say these days!

While I have missed public blogging and the comments, I also kind of felt like I was being censored to a point before I went private. There were so many things that I could not write about in ‘Insanity’ for fear who was looking for my blog, who had already found my blog, and who was actually reading my blog. You never actually really ever know who is reading your blog, even with all the live traffic and counters out there.

I felt at that time that if I wanted to be honest with myself and my readers that I had to make my blog private, so that I could blog honestly. While I am enjoying that, I came to find that I missed all the people that had followed me and were leaving comments. So, I made the decision that I needed another public blog. So, now I have the best of both worlds.

So in other blog news, I really like this background a lot. So, I think that I may keep it for a while. It seems very spring like. I am still waffling on the music aspect though. Should I? Should I not? What are your thoughts on music on blogs? I usually keep my lap top muted because Doug sleeps a lot. Unless I am using headphones.

Well, I think that I am done here… Ciao! Kiss

A Number of Thoughts

Okay, so my brain has been busy! Not exactly with what it should be busy with though. Oh well ::shrugs:: I am thinking about a change of title for my new blog ( this one). I am not sure if this title is the one I really want! I think I will change it because I just was hit with an inspiration! (oh boy, watch out!) I did change the title. You are not on the wrong blog! LOL.

I made it through the first week of History of Modern Psychology with out killing anyone, so that is a plus. Only four more weeks to go! Then it is on to math! (Al, I know that is your fave!)

I know that school will not always be exactly what I want, but still… I mean this class is so frickin boring I want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon!! Of course I won’t, but it is killin me!

I am so exhausted these days, that I can not keep my eyes open half the time. I have no idea what is going on with me! I have been taking a multi vitamin though. Although only half the dosage because I eat a lot of iron rich foods these days and it is best to get my iron from food.

I am sad that White Collar and Leverage have ended. Burn Notice too. But I am ready for In Plain Sight again. Apparently, Numb3rs is done for the season after this next episode, although I am not sure why they are cutting the season short.

I was on Twitter for a while but kind of bored with it. So I am not there a lot anymore. Well, I better get going… Let me know what you think of the new title… Ciao!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Was in the Mail

Okay, so today I got a letter in the mail that told me that in a week I would be receiving the census. Doug reminded me that before the stimulus checks a few years ago they did the same thing.

The government is pretty much broke but they spent millions to send these letters then will spend another boatload of cash to send out the census. Nice.

I found out that I can become a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) for about $27. Because I am still an undergrad student enrolled in a psychology program it is cheaper. I already subscribe to Psychology Today. Which I love to read. They have so many different articles that are interesting.

I am going to join as soon as I have enough money to do so. I think that it will help me a great deal. I could get career advice and help. I can also read so much research and other stuff. It is going to be very helpful and I can possibly deduct it from my taxes. Who would not love that?

I am really into the show Enterprise. It is basically the ship before the original Star Trek with James T. Kirk. I love this show, pity it was not on for more than five years though. Well, I am outta here for now. Ciao!

Question for my Two Readers

I am thinking about putting music here. What do you think? Yes or no?

School & Stuff

So, my last class kind of ended with a bang you might say. One of my learning team members decided to attack me in a public forum at school. Then she got vicious with a couple of other team members who decided to stick up for me. Nice. As it happened, that was the last day of that class. That class was particularly challenging because of the instructor who honestly seemed like Mr.. Magoo.

I kid you not. So, I was happy to see that class end. I have a math class next class and you know my current class is boring as heck when I tell you I am looking forward to my math class! Oh my!
As some of you know, I made my other blog private and sadly it will have to stay that way for a while, I am not sure when I can make that blog public again. I missed having a public blog, so I decided to have another one. 

I have missed all the comments from all the other readers. I now have to start from scratch, but that is okay! The kids are well. My son made the A & B honor roll at school ( he is in high school) and my daughter has brought her grades up nicely. So all is well there! Which is good. I speak to them every other week right now and we send emails.
I miss them a lot, but being able to see pictures and talk to them is great! John (my ex and their dad) has become more of a friend than an enemy these days, so that is good as well. 

I am still working on making my blog a reflection of me, so pardon the dust while I move things around and play with it to get it right. I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. 

I have forgotten to mention that I am active with another soldier site. You can find it here. PJ is really great and it is a small grass roots kind of thing too. You can find her on Face book as well. If you are moved to, please join us by adopting a soldier. I know she sometimes gets whole units at a time to adopt out. So, I am really enjoying this a lot so far. Well, I think that this is all for now. Ciao!

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Public Blog

I decided that I needed to have a public blog because I miss blogging publicly and I know that it was hard on my readers when I took 'Insanity' private. So, I am back public here. Of course I will not be spilling everything like I do on my private blog, but at least it is public!

Okay, so I can not remember where I was when I went public. So, I will just pick up where I am now. Okay so I am in my third class of my Bachelor Degree. The last class was a real barn burner. This class is not shaping up to be any better, I don't think.

I will keep this short and sweet for now, but I will be back! Ciao!