Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Update

I spoke with my ex today and it seems that last night after he left the hospital his dad took a turn for the better. He is still in ICU, but is asking for food and coffee. He also is wanting to go home, which is great!

The doctors are still cautious because he had a heart attack the other day and they are concerned that he could have another one at any time. I am so grateful for you guys who have left me comments. Thank you so much!

I am not sure if he has spoken to the kids, but I spoke to my son today and he seems to know what is going on. Although he will be 15 soon, so I think that he can figure it out for himself.

I am so happy that he as of right now seems to be getting better because I have been praying. Right now, I can not emotionally handle another death. Hopefully he will get better and be able to go home soon!! I am not doing Wednesday Wishes today, I might do them on Random Friday instead this week.


  1. glad your ex's father is doing better! hang in there. takecare

  2. so, glad he's doing better!! I hope he can go home soon.


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