Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yesterday Sucked

So while I was hoping to be doing laundry at home today with the new dryer, we are not. Apparently someone ‘forgot’ to tell Doug that it is a gas dryer and he bought an electric one because he saw a plug. So, now he has to go get another dryer and wait for it to be delivered again. Not to mention that the delivery time for the dryer is much like waiting for the cable/ satellite TV to be installed. They give you a four hour period in which they could be there, say they will call a half an hour before they arrive, then of course our four hour period was 1-5pm, they called at 4:26pm.

We were supposed to go to Ruth Chris last night but I was not feeling well enough to go. I would not have enjoyed myself and if you are paying that much money for a dinner I want to enjoy it, so I am hoping to be able to go next week.

I am not sure what will be done about the dryer. I guess he could exchange it and pay the difference. I don’t know. I know he was in ill temper because of it. Then he was frustrated with me because I was going to still try and go to dinner feeling like I did, but in the end I could not.

Although now, I am positively starving! Maybe some yogurt after I finish this. Yesterday I watched the movie ‘ Whip It’, which is about roller derby. It was very funny and very poignant at the same time. If you have kids, you might want to watch it first. But it is not horrible. Maybe today I will watch ‘The Promotion’ with Sandra Bullock.  Well, I am going to run… Ciao!



  1. When we bought our house can you imagine our suprise when, for some reason our dryer didn't work out. Yes, we had to go buy a new one the day we moved in.

  2. Oh, the dryer thing would just frustrate me. I just went out to do our laundry...washer/dryer out in a part of the garage...and low and behold the darn drain for the washer has backed up again. This is like the 4th time in the past year. I hope you got something to eat. :) Loved The Promotion, but have not seen Whip It. Have a great day!!


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