Friday, March 19, 2010


I am rather excited for today, mostly because tonight I am having dinner with one of my favorite people. Doug’s cousin Becky and her family. Becky and I get along so well and we have become fast friends over the last couple of years. We were doing dinner like once a month over the summer then life got hectic on her part and we have  not done dinner until tonight!

Becky and I talk on Facebook and through IM when we can. But it is nice getting to see her in person again. We are doing Italian tonight, so I will let you know how the food is.

They are also going to call about the dryer to arrange installation today. Yesterday the guy that sold Doug the dryer called and told him that it went on sale and that he has two days to come in with the receipt and they will refund the difference, which as it turns out is like $80! So he has to do that today too.

I think that I have settled on the Nook versus the Kindle. I was reading some of the reviews for them both in the tech magazines and for the price, the Nook is the better buy. I can lend and borrow books from friends who have Nooks, you can not do that with a Kindle. Also the Nook has a color touch screen and when I go into Barnes and Noble stores I can get free books and coupons by hooking into their wifi with my Nook. I love free stuff and plus you can read entire books for free while in store, so I can go in and read a whole book while sitting in the cafe.

I am actually rather looking forward to this a lot. We go on trips a lot, so this will actually be handy. Well, I have a horrible headache this morning, gotta love Michigan weather! Ciao!



  1. The Nook sounds awesome- I am jealous! Right now the only book app I have is a teenager who works at the library! haha. (It is free, though!) Thanks for stopping by today. Enjoy your visit and the Italian! Hope your headache is better soon!

  2. Yay I'm in!! Love the feel and look of this new blog Tawnya!! Awesome!!! Spring should be on its way to you in MIchigan anyday now as it's finally hitting us here in Kentucky just the past few days really!

  3. PS I love the photo of Johnathon and Katie!! They are beautiful children!! How old is Johnathon ? He looks so grown up!!


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