Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some More Randomness

Normally when I write entries for any of my blogs ( I have 3!) I use Live Writer. I am in love with this! Mainly because I can use any font that they offer and it works in my blogs. While most of the time I do try to keep it simple it is fun to try new fonts sometimes.
You can get Live Writer from Microsoft and it is free. You have to set it up to connect to your blog on Blogger or where ever it is. It is very easy to do!
So today I submitted this blog to Technorati, I am not sure why but I am now waiting patiently on them to approve it. I remember when it only took hours or minutes to get approved, now who knows how long. I also wanted to submit my blog to BlogHer, but found out that I have to wait until my blog is at least thirty days old, which honestly is not a big deal.
I also learned today that Feedburner is now owned by Google and Yahoo now has another blog thing ( I can’t remember the name!) I am still working on this blog, and I think that I am almost finished. I am still going over the question of music on blogs… So, I have 9 readers and I ask you, what do you think? Please give me something to go on! Yes or no to music?
Okay well I am outta here for now! Ciao!

P.S. The Yahoo thing I could not remember is My Blog Log... 

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