Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nook Day 3 and Stuff

First the other stuff. This week has been totally stressful for me. I am working on getting into Kaplan, and I have been dealing with financial aid. Since Phoenix used some of my financial aid there was an issue because all of my credits will not show until the middle of my first term. So I would not be showing as a junior. I would not be getting junior level financial aid, so there were out of pocket expenses. The first financial aid person I talked to, Leslie, had told me that my out of pocket expenses would be about $1,000.

Doug and I talked about it and he said he would help me with it. Fine so the next day I had a couple of questions about the payment plan and I spoke with someone else who told me that basically Leslie lied to me. She was assuming that I would get an extra $3,000 for my junior level funding once my credits showed  up. So, actually after my Pell got boosted a bit, my out of pocket was going to be more like $1,700. I was kind of like how if my Pell went up do I owe more?!?!

As I said Leslie was assuming that I would get the extra $3,000. Which there is no reason I should not because I will be a junior and be eligible for the junior level funding. The person that I spoke to was like there is no guarantee that I would get the extra $3,000. At $1,700 Doug could not help me.

So, I was talking to my enrollment guy ( If you want to go back to school and go to Kaplan let me know, I have the BEST enrollment guy!) and telling him what was going on, he went above and beyond the call and got a financial aid supervisor to call me and explain all of this crap to me. The guy that called me explained EVERYTHING to me. From loan limits to how they calculate my loans. Stuff that everyone needs to know.

So, here is the deal, I am starting the first term at half time, because it is totally covered with the financial aid that is left. Once my credits show up I can go back to full time. So, finally with all that taken care of I am feeling better about this.

I am still loving my Nook. I have finished two books on it so far and I am enjoying using it. I am waiting on my skin still but once I get it and get it on my Nook I will show you what it looks like. I added music to my Nook too. I have checked out a book from the library and put it on my Nook, the format is a bit wonky but that happens sometimes. I am now on my third ebook.

Well, I think that is it for now. Ciao!


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