Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nook Day 2 ( Early)

Okay so I still love my Nook, but I can not figure out how to set the time on it. I might have to take it to the Barnes & Noble store for help. In the scheme of things not all that horrible. Plus I will get free coupons and content when I go in store.

I found many free ebooks at Barnes & Noble’s web site. I also can download from area libraries who have ebook collections. I actually have a hold on a book in one of those libraries.

I have many many books on my ebook wish list of course! Now I know what I want for birthdays and Christmases now. LOL.

I am enjoying my Nook, but it does take a bit of getting used to. Does this mean that I am giving up ‘real’ books, no. I am not. But this is a nice thing to have when we travel because I can take a whole bunch of books with me and not break my back.

The e-ink screen is amazingly clear. The Nook is not backlit. That was not a mistake it is by design. It is designed that way to be easier on your eyes. I know my eyes get tired reading on my lap top.

I have a skin that is on its way, so maybe that will help me a bit with the getting used to it. The white frame distracts me a bit. We will see. When I get the skin on it I will show you guys. If you can go in to a Barnes & Noble to check one out.


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  1. I googled the time set feature for you and according to what I could find, the time is set through your wireless connection and should update automaticly but, I am not sure.
    It seems like a pretty cool device and tons of good reviews :-)


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