Saturday, March 13, 2010

Before I Forget….

Have you ever said this to someone to only forget what you were saying in the first place?!? It has been happening to me more and more lately and I don’t understand it or know why. It sure is frustrating and sometimes even aggravating because it was just there! Right on the tip of my brain and tongue!  Ahhhhh! I just want to scream when it happens, ‘But it was right here!!!’ Sometimes I do actually say that loudly. It doesn’t help though. It is not like you lost your keys, you can look for those.

Once you lose something you wanted to say and you thought at the time was important or even sort of important it is gone. Then when I actually remember exactly what I wanted to say, it seems so trivial that I am left to wonder, why in the world did I want to say that at all???

That is beyond frustrating too! You know I usually am online a lot, so I keep my planner program open because it is what I use for my assignments and other various appointments or things that I schedule, such as TV. I have to schedule my favorite TV shows into my days because if I don’t I will not have time to do school work before a show comes on. Anyway, there is a notebook feature in this program, normally I use it to ‘write’ things down that I wish to say to people at a later date or write down things that I need, which I will not be able to recall at a later time.

I feel so old because I never had to write things down before. Not like this. But these were pretty much pre school days, so maybe I am so distracted by school these days that I forget a lot of other things. ::sigh:: I wish that there was room for everything in my brain but I know better than that. Maybe I will start taking that gingko that I tease others that they need. So, before I forget thank you for reading and following me here… Ciao!




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