Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Positively Chatty These Days!

It would seem that I am positively chatty these days in this blog! I guess creating a new blog really gets my creative juices flowing. I know that normally I do not make multiple posts everyday, but it seems that I have a lot to say these days!

While I have missed public blogging and the comments, I also kind of felt like I was being censored to a point before I went private. There were so many things that I could not write about in ‘Insanity’ for fear who was looking for my blog, who had already found my blog, and who was actually reading my blog. You never actually really ever know who is reading your blog, even with all the live traffic and counters out there.

I felt at that time that if I wanted to be honest with myself and my readers that I had to make my blog private, so that I could blog honestly. While I am enjoying that, I came to find that I missed all the people that had followed me and were leaving comments. So, I made the decision that I needed another public blog. So, now I have the best of both worlds.

So in other blog news, I really like this background a lot. So, I think that I may keep it for a while. It seems very spring like. I am still waffling on the music aspect though. Should I? Should I not? What are your thoughts on music on blogs? I usually keep my lap top muted because Doug sleeps a lot. Unless I am using headphones.

Well, I think that I am done here… Ciao! Kiss

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