Friday, March 12, 2010

Confessions and Other Things

I have heard that confession is good for the soul. So, I am going to confess right here today to you all. I slept all day. Doug had to work early, so he got home earlier than usual. We went to bed about 8am because he was going with his dad at about 10:30 or so this morning. I slept until he got home at almost 2pm. He brought me lunch and I ate and was online for a few minutes then I laid back down. I just got up at 7pm. I have been so exhausted lately! I feel pretty good because I got lots of good sleep.

We are going to a little place that we always go to on Tuesdays for dinner tonight later. After Numb3rs. Today’s Numb3rs is the season finale.

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail today. I actually got a check from the State of Michigan from when I did my taxes. It was not a lot, but it is more than I had. So I am doing the happy dance!

I know I have not talked about this here, but a few weeks ago I bought some Alli to take to help me lose weight. I have yet to take any. Mainly because I am trying to get my diet under control first. It is difficult and I am trying hard, so I am thinking that within the next month I will have my diet about where it should be according to their plan and I will start taking the capsules then. I have already started taking the multi vitamin, which is probably a good thing for me.

I am going to go, I have some school stuff to catch up on. Ciao!


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