Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Mix of Things

This morning here in Michigan it is rainy and chilly, but that did not stop us from going to O’Mara’s for brunch this morning. It was so good as usual and as usual I ate way too much!

God is great because I am not sure if I mentioned it, but I got a small refund from my Michigan State taxes that honestly I was not expecting. Every year I get a letter from them saying that what ever I was supposed to get back, I actually did not qualify for, so I was expecting the same thing this year.

Since the time changed early this morning, I am back to being exhausted again and I am going to lay down and take a nap here soon. I hate feeling like this! The weather is not helping either. ::sigh::

I started playing Farmville on Face book, now I have pretty much resisted until Friday. Okay, so I am hooked now. It was bad enough before, but this is really really bad! So, if you are on Facebook and play Farmville, look me up.

I think that this is it for now… Ciao!


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  1. I feel the same way today. It is only 6 pm and I am ready to get my pj's on and go to bed.
    I am afraid to start Farmville because I think I would never get off the computer. One day I may try it.


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