Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Number of Thoughts

Okay, so my brain has been busy! Not exactly with what it should be busy with though. Oh well ::shrugs:: I am thinking about a change of title for my new blog ( this one). I am not sure if this title is the one I really want! I think I will change it because I just was hit with an inspiration! (oh boy, watch out!) I did change the title. You are not on the wrong blog! LOL.

I made it through the first week of History of Modern Psychology with out killing anyone, so that is a plus. Only four more weeks to go! Then it is on to math! (Al, I know that is your fave!)

I know that school will not always be exactly what I want, but still… I mean this class is so frickin boring I want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon!! Of course I won’t, but it is killin me!

I am so exhausted these days, that I can not keep my eyes open half the time. I have no idea what is going on with me! I have been taking a multi vitamin though. Although only half the dosage because I eat a lot of iron rich foods these days and it is best to get my iron from food.

I am sad that White Collar and Leverage have ended. Burn Notice too. But I am ready for In Plain Sight again. Apparently, Numb3rs is done for the season after this next episode, although I am not sure why they are cutting the season short.

I was on Twitter for a while but kind of bored with it. So I am not there a lot anymore. Well, I better get going… Let me know what you think of the new title… Ciao!


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  1. Like your background..Hope thing pick up for you this week. Thank you for stopping by..Nancy


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