Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Was in the Mail

Okay, so today I got a letter in the mail that told me that in a week I would be receiving the census. Doug reminded me that before the stimulus checks a few years ago they did the same thing.

The government is pretty much broke but they spent millions to send these letters then will spend another boatload of cash to send out the census. Nice.

I found out that I can become a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) for about $27. Because I am still an undergrad student enrolled in a psychology program it is cheaper. I already subscribe to Psychology Today. Which I love to read. They have so many different articles that are interesting.

I am going to join as soon as I have enough money to do so. I think that it will help me a great deal. I could get career advice and help. I can also read so much research and other stuff. It is going to be very helpful and I can possibly deduct it from my taxes. Who would not love that?

I am really into the show Enterprise. It is basically the ship before the original Star Trek with James T. Kirk. I love this show, pity it was not on for more than five years though. Well, I am outta here for now. Ciao!

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