Monday, March 15, 2010

This Morning…

This morning I ordered something from Joyce Meyers. When I have a bit of extra money I try to do that as often as I can. She has such great things! I love her books and usually when she has the ‘offers’ from her TV show and radio show, they are a great value. Normally there is at least one that you can pay what you can afford. I try to those when I am low on money, because I can get great books, cds or DVDs for like $10.

This morning the offer that I got was a book and a cd set. I am excited to get this, but I got standard handling because generally it is free. I can only afford to do these a couple of times a year, but I figure that God is okay with that and He knows what the situation with me is.

I am sitting here listening to Joss Stone. I love her voice a lot. She is a soulful singer. I caught her on The Graham Norton show once. It was an old show because her CD ‘Introducing Joss Stone’ had just come  out and it came out in like 2007. So, that was the first CD of hers I got and fell in love. So I got an earlier CD and it is so good too!

I have a paper to do lately, I think that I was supposed to get permission for my topic though. Oops a bit late. ::sigh:: Ciao!Kiss

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  1. What book and cd did you order? I'm still reading my copy of Eat the Cookie...Buy the Shoes..


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