Thursday, March 18, 2010

Email Accounts Everywhere

I have several different email accounts all over the place and they all are for different things really. When I first signed up for Internet with AT&T I had the option to merge my old Yahoo account with the new AT&T one, which I did. Now this was like three years ago when I first got DSL for school. I loved it a lot because all of my yahoo mail went directly to my AT&T account, so I did not have to mess with it.

The issue came when the Sister forgot to pay the phone bill. Because of that, I could not access my AT&T account, but they let me unmerge my Yahoo account, which I did because I needed to be able to send and receive emails. Some of you might remember the great Messenger migration because of that.

After she paid the bill and I got access back, I could not remerge those accounts, so I have my Yahoo account, which is where all the important stuff comes and the account the messenger is attached to that account now. So that is what I call my ‘A’ account, I check that one often and respond to the emails sent there.

My AT&T account is what I call a ‘B’ account, generally all the subscriptions to news letters and online things go there. I do not check that account often, hence the 200 emails today. Although, if I want to connect with you on Yahoo I have to do it through that account for some reason.

My ‘C’ account is where most of the spam goes, the ‘you have won the Argentina Lottery’ emails go there and I hardly ever check that account at all.

I still have the AOL email address but hardly ever check that too. I just hang on to that.

So it would depend on how much I like you as to what email address I give you. LOL.


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