Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What A Crazy Day!

Yesterday and Sunday were such crazy days for me! Let me start with Sunday. On Saturday I had my ‘welcome call’ from Kaplan University. I still had to sign my Master Promissory Note for school. Well, I had an appointment set up for Monday to speak with my enrollment person, but I guess that was not quick enough. So the Financial Aid people were to call me on Sunday.

They called about 2pm but the web site I needed to use was down, so he asked if he could call me back at like 5pm. Sure why not? In the mean time I was trying to help a friend straighten out a group she started, she needed to have a Messenger conference, with some people so I had to run that. Of course it ran over and was still going on when school called me back.

I got on the web site that I needed filled out the forms needed and submitted them. All is good. The conference wrapped up soon after and only a few minor technical issues, people not able to get in, stuff like that. I got my username and password for the Kaplan site, so I logged in and took the campus tour.

Yesterday morning I got an email from my enrollment guy at Kaplan, he wanted to call be early to get me over to academics to get me registered for classes. My original appointment was at 4:30pm, but apparently there was a meeting at that time in the academic area, so they needed to call me early. It was not an issue because I was awake. So, I was on the phone with them for a while yesterday morning.

Went to bed at 11am finally and was woken up at 1pm. School called again, it seemed that they registered me for two classes when I was to be registered for only one right now. Ugh. Got that taken care of, then the people delivering the dryer today called and let me know they would be here between 7am-11am. Which is kind of good because then I can go to bed and sleep. I have to call the kids today later.

So, it has been kind of crazy around here. I did forget to do an entry on yesterday, but you can see why! I now am awake to wait on the dryer people. Ugh. So tired! Ciao!




  1. Glad you got that straightened out. I wonder if I would do well in an online class... anywho, be well!!

  2. Glad that is all behind for you...I am sure it feels good.


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