Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday’s Wishes

Welcome to another edition of Wednesday’s Wishes! I started this as a way to be and continue to be positive in my life ( Let’s face it, sometimes it is hard to be positive!). I hope that you will play along with me and either leave your wishes in the comments or do a post about them. Okay, so here we go…

  1. I wish that sometimes my cat, Dinky would quit watching my fingers as I type. She watches them like they are a tasty snack that she would love to chow down on.
  2. I wish that I did not feel so behind this week! With the holiday and the fact that I over slept the last two days ( not today though!) I feel like I am very behind.
  3. I wish that my school gave me time off for summer vacation.
  4. I wish that I over slept today.
  5. I wish that it was not 53 degrees here in the basement right now.

This is a two-for-one again. So, I wrote an entry on how I am looking for a table to put next to my side of the love seat so I could free up my TV table to use for school. For now, since the one thing was too wide to sit in the area I needed it in, I decided that when I got up, I would come into the computer room to do my stuff in the morning, as long as I wake up on time. Normally, I am in here about an hour or so until I am awake and in that time I check my email and do school stuff. But the downside is that it is freaking cold in  here too! Even more so because there is no carpet. Ugh. Okay had to go find my fleece pull over because it is that cold here.

I found it at Old Navy online for about $10. When Christmas time comes around I will be getting a few more I think because honestly they are great!! I only got two, I am not exactly sure why. Oh, I got two zip up fleece too, that is why. The ones that look like jackets. LOL.

Our trip with his dad and The Sister has been moved back a week because when he was making plans, he did not realize that his final projects for classes were due. *sigh* I had to point that out. Okay, well I am going to go! Ciao!

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