Tuesday, June 29, 2010

After the Funeral

I was talking to a friend who had been through the funeral thing before and she told me that there is a time after the funeral when everyone quits calling and all. Something like funeral let down. I know that Doug is going through it now. He checks the phone every time we come home and usually no one has called.

I think that he is having a difficult time with this part now. He will never admit it, but everyone is gone and it is just him and I to clean up. I feel bad for him. After having that conversation with my friend, I told him about it to try and get him ready for this.

I really do not think that he understood. I had been through one funeral aside from this but I was like 15. So, I really do not remember this part. So much activity to do in the days after a death, then nothing. I now understand what my friend meant when she said that she was not done. I do not think that Doug is done either.

It is hard for me too. His dad was good to me and we got a long well. He has been here since I moved here. It is strange living in this house and he is not here. I am having a hard time dealing with his death.

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