Saturday, June 19, 2010

Power & God

So last night as we were getting ready to dash out in the horrible weather, the power kind of went off. I know, it can not KIND OF go off, either it did or it did not. It flickered, but then we had brown out conditions. Two lights were working down here where we were. Basically there was not much power to run anything in the house.

We went to dinner and hoped it would be on when we got home. I had to get a get well card for Mom#2 and so we had to go to Walgreen's therefore extending our time away from home a bit.

On the way to dinner, there was a light out and there were police directing traffic, but they had no reflective vests or lights on. It was difficult at best to see them! God must have been looking out for them because on our way back that way, they both we okay and had the safety gear on with the lights on the car going as well.

On the way to Walgreen’s there were more traffic lights out and more police directing traffic, but they were all decked out in the safety gear so you could see them, although not too well either.

Got home and the power had not been totally restored, so we waited a bit then went to bed. Of course, this would have to be the morning that I can not sleep in. I was up at like 4:30am still not much power, but enough to run the lamp in the computer room, so I grabbed the book I had been reading and sat in here and read until about 6am.

At 6am his dad tried his TV and I heard it on, so I went to get my lap top to plug in. My battery is dead totally, so I had to plug it in to use it. I am grateful for my time this morning with my book. I had some quiet time that I needed, to think and pray. To just be still and read a little bit. It was nice because sometimes it is hard to get that kind of time. So, now as you can see my computer is working and I am online. Maybe just a few more minutes of reading after this though. Ciao!

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  1. I did the awards post. thank you again! xoxoxo


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