Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aggravation For Tuesday

Technically, this aggravation started on Monday, but has carried over into Tuesday. I am on Shefari, but I had to create another profile and try to recreate my shelf because some how my account was deleted. I am not saying anyone but me did it, but sheesh it is frustrating! So, I have now signed up again and I am  now trying to recreate my shelf with all my books that I had there. It is a lot of work because I think that I had like over 300 books.

I am sort of glad that I am a bit OCD when it comes to my books and I am also on goodreads.com too. That saved my life. I also a while back made a list of all the books that I had here in the basement, so between the two, I think I will be okay. Of course this is not including the cook books or the books upstairs, which I need to go up there and make a list of them, so I will have a complete list and can actually know what books I need to finish off a series.

Doug went to the doctor today and as I thought he was not telling me the whole story, but I will find it out. They upped  his insulin dosage and actually told him exactly when to take his shot. I guess that when they were explaining it to him in the beginning they were vague. Since I was not there for that, I have to go with that.

Today was a pretty good day except for the slight headache I have now. Doug had to go in at midnight, so I have a while to get what I need to get finished done. Mostly just junk on the computer. Well, I think that I will go for now. Ciao!

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