Tuesday, June 8, 2010

AOL Journals and Stuff

I am not sure if all my readers are or were familiar with AOL Journals way back when. I am  not sure why I was thinking of them tonight or what even led me to think about them. I kind of miss them. I think that the reason I miss them is that they were simple. We had such a great community and so many great people.

I feel like we are now strung out across the blogosphere. Some of us came to Blogger, some went to Word Press or Live Journal. Some of us even quit journaling all together.
Granted that the AOL journals were really simple and you could not add a lot of things that we can now, but in a way I think that was better. Mainly because we did not worry about how many cool gadgets were on our blogs, we concentrated on content. I am not saying that we don’t concentrate on content now, but it seems that I have come across so many blinged out blogs, kind of makes me yern for the simple days.

I loved the mood indicators and the watching/ listening to areas. I liked having the heads up when someone was pissed or happy. I found a lot of great people with my little AOL journal and I have met some other great people since I moved to Blogger too. I just sometimes miss AOL journals.

I am so tired these days. I was up with Doug when he was sick, now I am up because the cat is driving me crazy because she misses Doug. It has been a rough weekend and a rough start to the week. I am hoping that it gets better! Thank you for all the people on Face book who have asked about Doug and those who have left comments on my blog as well. Ciao!
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  1. um what did you do to your blog? the writing is so small, my blind a$$ can hardley read it lol glad doug found out what was wrong and dr told him what hes gotta do. you try and get some rest. heres to a good week!


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