Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Holy Cow!

Holy cow I can not believe two things, 1.) that I am doing another entry for today and 2.) that it is June already! I am just amazed that we are already into the sixth month of the year. The idea that 2010 is half over is just killing me! Okay, so maybe I am being dramatic here, it is my blog and I can if I want! So pffft!

But the idea that that June snuck up on me and I was not looking or apparently looking at my calendar is just sort of mind blowing to me really. I am in week 7 of 10 in my science class and I can admit this now, I was kind of intimidated when I first started. I had already taken two other science classes and now I needed a third. When I was reading the syllabus, it seemed like it was really a college level science class.

Not that the other two were not, but they were different. I guess because I was comfortable and familiar with the other school by the time I got to the science classes. I got thrown into this science class first thing. Okay maybe not thrown exactly, but most of my classmates have had other classes before this one, so they knew how it worked at Kaplan. I had to figure out how it worked and do science at the same time.

For those of you who are not really familiar with me, I am not really great at math and science. Give me a book to read, something to write, even maybe a speech to give, yeah I am good. Put a math problem or something about science in front of me, I freeze. Yeah, so of course it would make sense that I am working to be a psychologist, right? Um, that is a science, although not an exact one. I think that is why I am drawn to it, there is not an exact answer there. I like that.

So, now I am more than half way done with this science class and I still have an ‘A’. Which amazes even me. My instructor is really great and she is so patient, not that I need it, but with the others. This class has turned out to be easier than I ever thought and I am happy and grateful for that! I don’t think that all the classes will be like that. ( Very much I don’t think that we are in Kansas anymore!) For now though I will do my science class and enjoy it as I have been ( with the exception of the lecture on menopause. Yes. Menopause. I invented a storm so I could leave that because I figure I will know more than enough on that subject soon enough!)

So, now that June is here and has brought his friend summer, I am hoping that it slows down a bit! Not because I like summer, I don’t really. Fall is my season of choice. I hope it slows down because so far 2010 has been a blur in front of my eyes. Here is to a slow peaceful summer. Ciao!kiss

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  1. glad your doing so good in school, im very bad at math and science myself! give me a book to read and im happy. this year is going by so quickley, time flys by anymore! takecare


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