Friday, June 25, 2010

And So It Begins

The funeral and Shiva have ended. Now begins the hardest of the hard part. To clean up. To go through all of his stuff and decide what to donate and to throw away. That is our next job. I say our because I will not let Doug do it himself. That would be incredibly wrong.

All of the after funeral stuff is going on and as usual there is someone who is all obsessed with themselves. Not even thinking about those other people who are and may be mourning too. This kind of attitude will only lead to this person being alone in life.

I am already furious about the behavior exhibited this last week during most of the things going on. I am also not really pleased with the two face stuff going on right now with other things that concern money.

It is sad to me that people think that money is the end all be all of everything. It is not. If this last week has taught me anything it is that. Family is important and when you treat family like this person has, well it is safe to say that eventually you will not have any family left to lean on when you need them.

I am still very much missing Doug’s dad. I may have complained about him, but in the end he was generous to me. It still is strange to be in this house and it be so quiet upstairs where he lived. Almost eerie quiet. RIP Dave, I will miss  you a lot. 

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