Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stressed Out

Today I accidentally found out that Comcast did not remove the internet services from my account. You will remember that back in July I switched my internet and phone to AT&T. When I switched AT&T told me that when I switched, they would contact Comcast and have them disconnect the phone and internet.

Now, I have no idea if AT&T did not contact Comcast. Although the phone was removed from the account, so I am sure that AT&T did contact Comcast. I think that what happened was that Comcast removed the phone but not the internet.

If that is true that pisses me off. I called and removed the internet today finally and they are sending me a box to return the modem to them with. They are paying the shipping. As they should. I also think that they should remove any charges for the internet from July 19th on until today.

That is a fight for another day though. I am tired right now. I am stressed out. I got the internet removed. I actually found out about this because someone from Comcast called me to talk about lowering my bill. He mentioned the internet and I was like, there should be no internet on that account. Surprise! There was. Ugh.

I do have to admit the lady I spoke to to remove it was so nice. She did what I asked and only tried to talk me into phone service. LOL. I was like, no thank you I am happy with AT&T right now and she let it go. No hard sell. That was refreshing to say the very least.

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