Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today seems so different from last week. Well, that is because things are different from last week! To begin with, I went to church this morning and it was so uplifting and it made me feel so good I was wondering why I stopped going before. I have no real answer for that. Which kinds of bothers me a little bit.

The phone thing is fixed and I am happy about that more than I should be probably. The weather has been so wonderful the last few days and I am thrilled with that. Yesterday was a great day and I had fun with Joe and Vickie. The weather was so nice outside all day and got a bit chilly last night, which was perfect for the bon fire.

I seem to be in a happier mood and I like that. It is nice. Church this morning was great and is I think most of the reason why I feel rejuvenated today. It was uplifting and I really enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to next week too.

Making vegetable beef soup tonight for dinner. With some great bread, it will be wonderful. I can’t wait! Great day for soup. I am getting into some of the apple recipes as well, but not until Late October or so when the apples are better.

Things are looking up for me finally and school starts again soon. I am so ready and honestly I was questioning if I should continue in school or not. I know I had my plans, but sometimes plans don’t always work out well. But I really feel that I will be able to continue and finish my bachelor degree for sure. One day at a time and sometimes I lose sight of that. Life is pretty good right now, I have those that are my close friends and they make a real difference in my life!!


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  1. There's nothing like a little well-timed rejuvenation, Tawnya. I hope you stay in such a good place for a long time!



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