Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tested Today

Today I took placement tests in English and math. I took these to hopefully test out of a couple of my classes. This will save me both time and money in the long run. I got a 90% on my math placement test and a 70% on the English. I actually had thought that it would be the other way around though.

The English test was tough because it tested on everything in English as well as APA formatting and so much has just changed. I also realized that I had not had an English class since before I started at Phoenix, so it has been a while and I did get an A in that class, I forgot a lot of it though. So, I might have to take a refresher English class. Which is okay, because I know I can get a good grade in that class for sure.

I think that because I got a 90% on my math placement test, I will test out of the math review class. Which is good. One less math class for me to take is always good. I had two classes going in to transferring here, I was told that one of my math credits transferred. The other did not because I got a D in that class. So, they dropped that credit for me. Which is why I have to take another math class. I don’t really mind. I am not strong in math and I know that in order to get better at it, you have to do it.

Although I do not like to do math because sometimes it is complicated, I know that I have to do this for my degree. So I will. I was thrilled with the 90%! So all in all not a bad day.. School starts in two weeks!!



  1. I could have tested out of my Info Systems class but I was not able to get the presentation done... what I am surprised at in my English class is at the lack of citation ability the students have... everyone uses Easy Bib... when it takes just as long to write up a citation on your own..!

  2. Yeah, in one of my classes, we had to proof read another students paper. I got tis girl's paper that was supposed to be like 8 pages long and it was a papragraph and basically an advertisement for this program or something. It is really difficult to proof read something that is not even any where close to the assignment. I am happy to have tested out of the math review because that would have been 3math clases for me. Ugh.


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