Friday, September 16, 2011

Cooler Temperatures

I admit that I hate summer. Living in Florida it was so hot that you would melt right where you stood if you were not careful. Here in Michigan, the summers before this one were not too bad, considering that I am from Florida and that deep in the South it can get to be 102 in the shade during the summers. However, we reached 100 degrees this summer here in Michigan. That my dear readers, is too damn hot no matter where you are from!

I always look forward to September and cooler temperatures because fall is my favorite time of year with the leaves changing colors and being able to wear sweaters and sweatshirts. I have the windows open and it has been nice the last couple of days.

One of my favorite fall activities is to go to the cider mill. The smell of apples is heavenly and the ice cold, fresh cider is amazing. Not to mention the freshly made apple donuts which are still hot to the touch and you can see the steam rising from the paper bag. They are so good.

Hockey season also starts soon and when I say soon I mean in the next few weeks. I am also happy because all of my TV shows are coming back starting with Castle on Monday! School also starts soon, October 11th. Which I am looking forward to. I needed the break but will be thrilled to be back soon.

Well, off to watch a movie. Ciao!

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