Saturday, September 3, 2011

Making Monkey Bread

023I honestly have never had monkey bread but I found a recipe on one of my favorite websites for recipes ( to see the recipe go to my food blog here). So, I printed it out and thought I would save it. Well, I got sick and had to wait. Thinking that I was feeling better today, I decided to make it. ( There will be pictures on my food blog, so check them out!) I will post a pic of the final product here, but for the recipes and other pics, they will be on my food blog. There is a link in my side bar and above, so check it out.

I apparently was not feeling as well as I could be and I thought I was. I got slightly dizzy and clammy by the end of making the monkey bread. So, since it was in the oven I sat down before I fell down. Sitting here writing this  I can smell the cinnamon and it smells so good!!

I am all kinds of happy that September is here because fall is my favorite time of the year really. Cooler temps and the apple cider mill opens at the end of the month. We did not go last year because honestly we had so much going on with just moving and Home Depot’s dad dying. Dealing with various family members who were bitches and pains in the ass. It was a hard year.

It has been a month since Julie’s mom died and I am doing better but I still miss her so much. I still have not taken her cell number out of my phone yet. I am just not ready for that. I am going to send Julie’s dad a Christmas card at Christmas though. I miss him too!!

It is supposed to get cooler here in Michigan soon and I am so ready for that!! I love being able to have the windows open and being comfortable. I honestly did not turn the heat on once last winter. Not. one. time. I was so happy!!  This summer has about killed me though. Sigh. Too hot. You know it was hot here when I am from Florida and I am saying it is too damn hot!! LOL. Well, I am going to go. Ciao!

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