Sunday, September 25, 2011


Today I went to church and heard the most amazing family testimonial. Truly inspiring for sure! It really made me feel like my issues last week were so trivial. It really put things into perspective for me. Which I needed desperately.

Today was a very restful day for me and I needed that for sure. I get stressed out sometimes just by stuff building up in my life and it is hard sometimes for me to destress. I took a nice nap and really had nothing to do today but church. The weather has been wonderful, I have all the windows open because it has been cool enough to do so.

I love fall weather. I also think that is what is helping me relax too because it is cool enough to enjoy. I am gearing up for another week of my shows being on. I am so happy that fall TV is back for sure!! Tonight is steak and potatoes for dinner, which sounded so yummy earlier. I am looking forward to dinner. I had a salad because I was getting a headache earlier.

Right now, life is good for me. One of the things I am trying to do to be more healthy is drink more water. I have a Brita pitcher that I totally love. I am also looking into getting a water cooler for the house, the ones with the hot and cold nozzles. The water here is not great. Which is why I have a Brita pitcher, but the filters are totally outrageous. So, until I find another idea, that is what I am going with.

This week I am getting two DVDs. I have my last month of DVDs with Netflix and then we signed up for Blockbuster. I will still keep streaming with Netflix. So, I have Thor coming for Doug from Netflix and The Equalizer from Blockbuster for me. The Equalizer is an old 80’s show that was on for a while, I think Edward Woodward was the star. I am thrilled to find it on Blockbuster!! Well, that is it for me.


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