Monday, September 26, 2011

Unrelated to My Earlier Post

I meant to mention it in my earlier post, but did not know the outcome for sure and now that I do, I can write about it. For most of my long time readers, you know what happened when Home Depot’s dad died last summer and how I was muzzled due to a threat to put me in jail because I was writing about the TRUTH that was happening at the time. I even had people sitting on my blog to monitor what I was writing about. I am sure if you are a new reader, if you go back to June of 2010 you can find the posts there. Briefly I thought about moving this blog/ closing it and making it private, but in the end, I hate to admit it, I gave in and did not write about what was happening. Well that is OVER now.

We were invited to Rosh Hashanah dinner at The Sister’s  house on Wednesday night. The only stipulation that I had made was that The Cousin ( I have decided to not use her real name, but you can find it in the entries from before) that made my life hell and decided to take all of the crap to Facebook not be there. I have no desire to see her ever again and honestly, I don’t hate her. She takes up no space in my life, I have no feelings about her what so ever. I don’t think that after what happened that I can be in the same room with her and I don’t want to be.

The Sister had said (according to sources) that she would not be there. Well, that was wrong. Apparently she was invited and had accepted. Now, I was all set to go Wednesday night as a let-bygones-be-bygones thing with The Sister. I am not going now. My life is too short to be in a room with people I do not like and have to suffer through and deal with them. That is how I feel and I refuse to apologize for that.

The thing that really gets me is that The Sister has been telling Home Depot that she wants to do more things with him and us. He told her a few days ago that I would not be there if The Cousin was invited. She knew. Well, Home Depot is now not going either because he doesn’t want to deal in anyway with The Cousin. He has made this clear, so for The Sister to invite this person anyway is like telling us, I don’t give a shit about how you feel on this. She wonders why we don’t do much with her since last summer. Perhaps she should think about this moment the next time she gets a decline from us.

I told Home Depot to go if he wanted. He DOESN’T want to have anything to do with her (The Cousin). There have been some rumors swirling about her anyway and it is probably safer for us to stay home. What could have been a nice holiday dinner with nice people, well that is out now. I for one, I could care less. I was thinking about staying home anyway before all this came to light. I don’t think The Sister was going to say anything about inviting The Cousin either. Until we got there and saw her and honestly I would have walked out right then and there. Fuck that.


  1. Sounds good that Home Depot is backing your play... it is about time! Sorry if I am not as up to date as others... been sort of busy... hope you are well..!

  2. Mark, you have nothing to be sorry for!! I know you have been busy and honestly I had not written about what has been going on for some time now. But honestly, I don't care anymore and since we no longer live in that house I can say what I want and I plan on it.


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