Monday, September 5, 2011

The Cosmos Has Spoken..

So this morning, I found a comment that my friend Ben left on my  entry about Monkey Bread on my food blog, and he said Thanks for posting this, Tawnya! I wasn't familiar with monkey bread and now you're the second person to mention it this morning. Sounds like some great cosmic hint that I'm supposed to make monkey bread! To his comment, I say, you are very welcome Ben, the cosmos has spoken. Go forth and make monkey bread!

Actually everyone that I have shared some of the monkey bread with loved it. It is a easy recipe and soo good! It also is easily customizable to your tastes. I was asked to make it for Christmas morning and to add pecans to it as well.

I have some other recipes that I want to do as well and that I will be doing. So be sure to stop by my food blog. Friday night we went to Olive Garden and while I did not really feel all that great, I really wanted to go. I had the Chicken and shrimp Carbonara.  Their description for this dish is Chicken and shrimp with bucatini pasta in a parmesan cream sauce with pancetta bacon and roasted red peppers, baked and topped with seasoned breadcrumbs. It was so good!!! I really loved it and would totally get it again.

They also have new Panini's for the lunch menu. They look so good!! I love the Olive Garden. I am now making myself hungry by talking about this.. I think I am going to go. Ciao!!

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