Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Commenting System and Other Stuff

So I decided to try a new commenting system on this blog. Simply because it gives me a lot more control of my comments. So I have a favor to ask of my readers, if you could just comment on this post so I can be sure that it is installed correctly. Thanks!

I have been rather anti-social as of late. Mainly because I just have not really had it in me to deal with others. I wanted to take some time to myself because in the span of a couple of days, everything kind of blew up here. God really does work in strange ways. For a while the issue of renewing the lease here has been on the table. The notice we got was really misleading. When we moved in, we got a ‘move in’ special. The apartment that we are living in, was originally $646 a month, but with the special the rent was $550 a month. So, when they sent us a notice that it was time to renew the lease, it said that the original rent was $646, which it was, but they wanted us to renew at $666 for a year.

Which alarmed me!! I mean it was bad that it would be going back to $646, let alone $666!! Because the lease is not in my name, I could not go down and talk to them. It has to be him. Well he has been procrastinating and putting it off, until I was nagging him every single day to go down there and talk to them. In actuality, we are getting the ‘move in’ special still, but they are raising the rent by $20. Which is better than what I originally thought!!

Then Thursday, he left to go run some errands and well, the car died as he was driving it. So, he had to get it towed to the place that he got it from ( he bought it from a mechanic). The mechanic said it would not be all that expensive to fix. Actually it was less than $500, but right now that was even difficult to manage for him. His sister is actually paying for it today and he will pay her back. Which is wonderful. So, the car was ready yesterday and the guy allowed him to pick it up and take it. Which was nice.

The thing about the car dying in the middle of the road was bad because it was a major street and it was about 5pm, so it was rush hour. A lady stopped to help him get the car out of the way of traffic and because he had his cell phone for once, he could call the police. They showed up quickly and he called AAA, who had originally said an hour to an hour and a half for a tow. The cop said that was too long to wait, so he called a tow truck on the list. If that tow truck had not fallen behind because of a big accident, he would have had to pay for the tow and then submit the receipt to AAA for reimbursement. Which would have taken about 4-8 weeks or so. But because the tow truck the cop called fell behind, the AAA tow truck showed up and he did not have to pay for the tow.

So, while things got bad, they also were taken care of. So many good things happened!! I am so grateful. I am going to church tomorrow again. I really enjoyed it last week. Well that is what has been going on with me.



  1. Okay.. so I will start it off with the first comment... Hopefully this is installed correctly!!

  2. Love reading your blog and your music choices

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