Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why I Am Tech Support In This House

Home Depot ( not my nickname for him, but since I don’t want certain people knowing everything about me, I had to make up a nickname for him) has been trying to figure out what an MP3ga is . I had never heard of it before and never encountered it anywhere before. Apparently this website that he downloads podcasts for his MP3 player on recently switched to this format without saying anything to anyone. So he was constantly getting an error when he tried to download files.

This has been going on for a while and finally it occurred to him to ask someone in Best Buy in the computer section. They explained to him that it was a type of a file and you had to convert it to an MP3. Simple right? Not so much for him. So, in order to convert a file, you have to have a file converter program. There are many on the market, but I am very, very picky about what I will allow to be downloaded on to my desk top. Mainly because of all the viruses out there. Yes, I have anti virus and a firewall on that computer, but I am still careful none the less.

So, he waits until I am sick to ask me to look them up online and find one for him. I was like, I will when I am feeling better because honestly when I was really sick, I would go on line to check email and that would be basically about it. So, a couple of nights ago, he asked again and I was feeling okay I guess, so I did a search online and found a free program that was on the C-Net website. I do trust them because I have a few things that I use on my lap top that I got from them.

So, I was looking at the program because anything too technical to use and I will be the one converting all these files for him. I found a nice simple, free file converter program and downloaded it on to the desk top. After it was done, I used it to be sure it worked before I told him to use it and to see how simple it actually is to use. Honestly, it is simple. You choose the files you want to convert and you hit the convert button. Easy as pie.

No way to get that confused or to mess up the file. Fool proof for the most part. Exactly what I needed. So, I told him it was ready and how to use it. The first time he used it there was a small snag in that it needed to know where to place the converted file at. I thought I had it set for the desktop on the computer so that they would be easy to find. I quickly fixed that and sent him on his way. The best part of this is that it sends it directly to Rhapsody, which is the music software he uses to put music on his MP3 player. Score!

So now he is happily sitting at the desk top converting all these files for his MP3 player. Anytime anything electronic goes haywire in this house, I am supposed to fix it. Sometimes I score big like this time, others not so much. All in a days work as tech support, too bad I don’t paid for it.. Sigh.

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