Monday, September 12, 2011

School, Blog, and Other Assorted Stuff

I was going to do this post earlier, but decided to hold off until after midnight. On the 11th, I have a month until school starts back and honestly I am so thrilled with that. I am beyond ready I think. Although it might take me a few days to get back into the swing of things.

I somehow screwed up my blog, so if you are wondering what happened, I had to use a Blogger theme until I can figure out what in the hell I did. I was trying something with a background and header from a site that I get a lot of the backgrounds that I use. I have never used a header before and well, I screwed it up somehow and now I can’t get it back to normal. Sigh. That will teach me to go messing with things that I should not be messing with. So, if any of my readers would be so inclined to help me, that would be great. Leave a comment on this entry and I will contact you.

Later today it is supposed to be in the 80s but after that it is going to cool off and I am so ready for that!! I am sick of the heat and ready for the fall like temperatures! I can not wait to go to the apple cider mill. I have so missed that place! Already thinking about Thanksgiving and what to have. A lot has been going on here, most of it I can not talk about here yet. Soon, I will though.

It has been a quiet weekend, which is the best kind really. No really big dust ups and no drama, which is definitely the best kind!! Right now it is me and the cat chillin in the living room as I write this and she is vying for prime real estate which is my lap and my lap top is currently occupying that space. So, she made herself comfortable on my left hand, which as you may realize makes it difficult to type. Got her settled into a nice spot next to me and she is all happy if I pet her about every five words or so. She is definitely the head of this house!!

I am tired tonight, more so than usual I think. I don’t really know why, unless it is the mental stress I have been under. Again, school will be a wonderful distraction for me soon and I can not wait! I apparently have injured my right shoulder somehow and by somehow, I mean I have no freakin idea how I did it. It hurts bad and I wish I knew what to do for it. Sigh. Bed calls… Ciao!

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