Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday’s Are Sorta Better Than Monday’s

So, here we are on a icky Tuesday in Michigan, okay so by we I mean me. Now having attended the new student orientation, there is nothing that I have to do between now and the 21st for school. I got my book for my first class yesterday, so I am totally ready and can finish my vacation with no worries!

Doug is going with his dad today, so I will get some much needed alone time with the TV today. Yay! I am still tired after going to bed at 10:15pm last night and I slept until 9am this morning, perhaps a nap later? Might be a good idea, although I do have to call my kids today.

I am excited for school to start. It has been nice having this down time though. I have enjoyed reducing my stress level and actually sleeping well again. Since I will not be dealing with learning teams I know I will be happy. I hated that my grade depended on the weakest person in the group, which on more than one occasion ended up being the person who did the least.

Doug is apparently having some issues in his class for literature. I gave him some advice on the matter and since he has not taken it, I am staying out of the matter. Not my problem.

Well, I think that is all for this rainy day. Ciao!Kiss


  1. Rainy days ARE depressing! Ditto here in Maryland today. Glad you are sleeping well hope everything goes well when class starts- enjoy your downtime!

  2. Glad your stress level is reduced...that makes a difference in so many parts of your life...

  3. it was rainy here today too, yuck hate it! have fun relaxing the rest of your vacation! hugs


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