Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday All Over Again

Well, I did go to the new student seminar last night and honestly, I did not learn anything new really. The one down side to the seminars I am seeing is that there is a chat area, like a chat room but with the ability to use power point and white board. Now, I know that not everyone has my kind of standards when it comes to things, I really have to remember that.

I try to. I really do, but when the instructor asks that you not chat while she is giving a presentation or give you AIM ids and half the room does anyway, that sorta pisses me off a bit. Several of the students ( including me) asked them to stop as well as the instructor. We did not get much covered because people were not paying attention and she had to keep going over the same thing.

I actually went and watched a different seminar and it was better. But like I said nothing I did not already know. These people are just ( not even in the first class yet) and they are concerned about graduation and the outfits, etc… I was like, um, does it matter right this minute, I mean you have AT LEAST the better part of a year to figure that stuff out.

But it is done and I am glad for that. One less thing I have to accomplish. I am happy being on vacation from school, it is nice to sleep in and all. I am excited to start class, but I know I will miss being able to do nothing but we get some holidays off though. When I finish the first class, I get a week off then I go to my next class, which will be really nice!! Okay, since I have bored you with all my talk about school, I am going to go! Ciao!


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