Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday At A Glance

I was supposed to make BBQ pulled pork today, but it has to cook in the crock pot for at least eight hours. So it is 1:08 pm and he did not get the pork roast. So, we are not having pulled pork tonight.

The final project for my class from hell is going really well. I am actually surprised because they got all their stuff done by yesterday. All that needs to be done is a conclusion slide. Which I will do later, then repost so that they can look at it and make any changes.

I am so glad this class will be finished soon and I will have some time off. I am really looking forward to that. At Kaplan, my classes are ten weeks long. But I get a break in between classes of a week. So I go to school for 10 weeks then get a week off, then back to class for 10 weeks.

I like that because it will make going away for trips a bit easier. Which will be nice. I will let you know how it goes. I am still sick, so I am going to go. Ciao!


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